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Thursday September 24, 2020

What is DirectX 12? Why is it important and how to download it

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DirectX 12 is the latest version of Microsoft’s graphics and graphics interface, an integral part of the Microsoft software library needed to run games and a very important part of the game development process that depends on it, which is the reason why playing games exclusively on Windows platforms is easy and can be implemented.

Of course, you must have wondered one day why games don’t work on MacBooks? The answer is easy because MacBooks do not come with a built-in DirectX 12 library and their operating system is not allowed to take advantage of this library or even access it, which makes playing games on it impossible.

How does DirectX 12 work?

There is a common mistake that I made you believe is that people think that DirectX 12 is a single program, but in fact, DirectX is a library or a set of programs and equations for Windows systems that we can even describe as an API that translates and helps to communicate between what the game requires Through its own engine and what the graphics card, processor and other components understand.

Very simply, DirectX delivers the command or idea of ​​the scene from the game engine to the graphics card to tell it how to control the resources of the game, the images and the various shapes in it to get you out the scene that you see in front of you, as we said a special interpreter for the computer, specifically Windows systems that translates commands between the graphics card and the game engine .

In fact, the DirectX library is also not the only one available that performs this purpose, there is another library called OpenGL, which is developed by AMD and fully supported by AMD as it is open source and can work on any operating system or platform without paying money to be able to use it unlike DirectX that you need To pay Microsoft to be able to use it in your game.

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Are there other versions of DirectX?

In fact, there are a lot of DirectX versions, as the first version was called DirectX 3D and it developed automatically until today we got to DirectX 12, which works exclusively with Windows 10 and some Windows 7 devices, the story of Windows 7’s support for the DirectX 12 library is still under discussion and there is a lot of controversy about it. If it really works or is facing a problem.

The most important thing, as we said, is that the DirectX 12 software library only works with Windows systems, it is free to download and you can download it for free and most of the games are required to be downloaded and installed before you start the game and enjoy it, but you can also download it manually.

There is an important point that we must make, as a beginner or simple user of a computer device, you will never need to communicate and know the way DirectX libraries work, but we mentioned it here just for the sake of mentioning and introducing it only, but in reality you will never need it until you are a software developer, software writer, or even an engineer What depends on engineering software in its work and here you will need to understand it only without communicating with it.

Only software and game developers need to use it and learn how to modify it and prepare it for a similar design to them.

DirectX 12 free download:

You can download DirectX 12 and its software library for free, it is only one file that you download and then install on Windows 10 just like any other program you can install, also you can wait until you buy a game to install it with the game you want to buy.

Link to download DirectX 12 for free from the Microsoft website:Download the program link .

Link to download DirectX 12 for free from Mediafire: Download the program link

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