Corona Virus

In fact, the name Corona is called a large group of viruses that share some features with each other, including having appendages in the form of a crown, and the word Corona in Latin means crown, and hence these viruses were called Corona viruses, and it is worth stating that these viruses usually affect the respiratory system of infected people. These problems range from the common cold to more serious health conditions, such as pneumonia and severe acute respiratory syndrome (Severe Acute Respiratory). Syndrome) for short SARS, and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome for short, MERS, and Corona viruses may infect the digestive system, and in fact, the Corona virus was first discovered in 1960 AD, and that approximately 15-30% of all cases Corona virus caused suffering from colds, and although most cases of corona virus infection are in the winter and early spring, there are many cases of infection during the seasons It is worth noting that a person who is infected with the Corona virus may contract it again, and it may be the second infection within a few months, and this is attributed to two factors, as for the first factor is that the Corona virus has many types, and the antibody that the body creates to counter one of the types of Corona viruses It may not be effective against other corona viruses, and the second factor is that the antibodies generated do not stay in the body for a long time, which allows infection again.[1]

Middle East respiratory syndrome

This syndrome is one of the diseases that affect the respiratory system, which results from exposure to the virus known scientifically as the Middle East Coronavirus (MERS-CoV), and the virus that causes this syndrome was first identified in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2012 AD, although Most cases of suffering from this virus are attributed to its transmission from one infected person to another, especially in medical care centers and hospitals, but there are many cases in which the virus is transmitted from camels to humans, but it is worth noting that the ways of transmission of this infection are not known so far. And it should be noted that there are a number of outbreaks of the Corona virus in the Middle East in the world, the largest of which were in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the Republic of Korea, and as for the nature of the problems and complications caused by the disease, it often causes the sufferer to suffer from a group of Symptoms represented by fever, cough, and feeling short of breath, and some symptoms of digestive disorders may appear on the infected, such as diarrhea, and it has been found that there are some cases that develop complications to It included severe pneumonia, and the matter may develop to the extent that the patient suffers from respiratory failure, which requires transferring the patient to the intensive care units, and it is worth noting that there are approximately 35% of the total cases of coronavirus infection. With death, and in light of talking about this syndrome, it is worth stating that corona viruses are not easily transmitted between humans, but rather direct contact with the injured is required without taking preventive measures and taking caution and caution, and that most cases have been recorded between members of the same family or medical care centers among workers. care for those infected with this virus.[2]

severe acute respiratory syndrome

The first cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome appeared in 2002 in China, then the syndrome spread by travelers carrying it to various parts of the world, and the good news is that since 2004, no case of the virus that causes this syndrome has been recorded anywhere in the world The symptoms of this syndrome often begin similar to the symptoms of influenza, which are fever, chills, and a feeling of muscle pain, in addition to diarrhea sometimes. As for the origin of the virus that causes this syndrome, it is believed to be of animal origin, and it evolved from one strain to another before it reached humans. Objects and objects contaminated with the infected droplets, and as for the complications arising from this syndrome, they are often suffering from heart failure, liver failure, in addition to respiratory failure as a result of acute pneumonia or otherwise, and although anyone may suffer from these complications, they are most common in people over the age of sixty, especially if they have some health problems such as hepatitis and diabetes. : Diabetes).[3]

Corona virus prevention

Corona virus can be prevented by following some measures, including the following:[3]

  • Wash hands well with soap and water, or, if soap is not available, with a lotion containing at least 60% alcohol.
  • Clean surfaces exposed to sweat, saliva, feces, or any of the infected secretions well, using gloves that are disposed of immediately upon completion of cleaning.
  • Wearing a surgical mask that covers the mouth and nose when entering the rooms of those infected with the virus.

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