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Monday September 14, 2020

What is Brussels famous for?

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and is distinguished by its fascinating history and eyecatching architecture. It is considered one of the most beautiful cities that can be visited and enjoy a vacation, as it contains many attractions that were a source of attraction to it and made it one of the best tourist attractions at all.

What is Brussels famous for?

Before you get acquainted with the types of accommodations in Belgium, you must get to know the most important places that Brussels is famous for, which were the reason for becoming a tourist attraction, and among these places the following:

Old England building

It is a place that was built in the last year in the nineteenth century, in the beginning it was a store with many departments, and it has a distinctive facade that was a reason to attract tourists to it, and there is a distinctive music museum that you should not leave Brussels without watching it, and in the museum spoke As many as 2000 musical instruments with a long history, not only that but also on the roof of the building there is a cafe that helps you to see and enjoy the whole city.

NotreDame de Sablon cathedral

In the beginning it was a small chapel from the fourteenth century, and in the following century it was expanded due to the reliance that the statue of Madonna inside it has the ability to heal, and although the statue was subjected to theft and an unknown location, the cathedral still maintains its picturesque views, which It makes for a good destination when going to Brussels.

Le Botanic Park

It is considered one of the most famous parks in Brussels and is considered a way to attract guests greatly, and although its history dates back to the nineteenth century, it now regularly hosts a group of performing arts that made the place take the form of cultural places and green spaces are still attracting attention and despite the occurrence of some Change it but it still retains its shine.

Royal Palace

Adding a visit to this palace during a visit to Belgium is a big addition to the trip that you are doing, as it has stunning views and distinctive decorations, and there is a room that is considered the most famous, which is the ceiling in which the beetle wings are covered using mosaics, the interior decoration is more than wonderful and the works of art give The place has unparalleled beauty and glamor.

Belgian Center for Storyboard Art

Although it did not gain much fame, the city has gained great fame because of its comic book, and there is a museum in the city devoted to comics in addition to the comics center, and there are large wall paintings with wonderful comic writings. [1]

St. Michael’s Cathedral

This Gothic church dedicated to Saints Michael and Saint Godula was established in 1225 but was only completed in the fifteenth century. Its construction took a lot of time, and one of the most distinguishing features of it is the impressive façade, rising majestically over a wide range of steps and crowned with twin towers 69 meters high. Meters designed by Jan van Roisbroek.

The interior design is distinctive and is home to some wonderful stainedglass windows created by Bernard van Orly, containing depictions of Charles V and Isabella from Portugal in the south wing and the Hungarian royal husband Louis II and Mary in the north wing, then to the Church of the Eucharist, and on the left the window finds the story of the miracle of the Eucharist .

Belgian Royal Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is considered one of the largest and best art galleries in the world, which won great fame. This museum was first established in 1797 and was originally housed in the former palace of Charles in Lorraine, and then it was transferred to the Musées Royaux, which had been specifically established. In 1846.

The museum consists of two parts, the Museum of Ancient Art, which contains many landmarks that have increased the value of the place, such as the works of Petrus Christus (Pieta), Rogier van der Weyden (The Mourning of Christ), Dirk Potts (The Judgment of Emperor Otto), Hans Memling, and Wonderful Worship For Moss by Gerard David; The other section is the Museum of Modern Art, this part which contains a collection of mainly Belgian works from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Coudenberg Palace

It is considered one of the most famous and important tourist attractions in Belgium, although it was discovered recently in the eighties, but it was a great addition to the city’s tourist attractions, as it was discovered that it was buried for many years, and a comprehensive survey of the palace was done until it was revealed If it is qualified to visit so that visitors can enjoy seeing it, what increases the excitement is that it contains sound effects that lead you to the place of digging, and there are some things that children can do so that they can enjoy their time is to use the lamps, see the treasure map and wear costumes With an old character. [2]

Industry in Belgium

One of the most famous indications of the industry in Belgium is the Fashion and Lace Museum, as lace is one of the most famous ancient handicrafts in Brussels and is considered one of the most famous and most important industries in the city, and he adds details in this museum to lace clothes, as well as the museum has many luxurious costumes. ; That is why it is considered one of the distinctive tourist destinations in the city. [1]

Cities of Belgium

The cities of Belgium are numerous and contain many picturesque attractions, and among these cities are the following:

  • Dinant City: It is considered one of the most picturesque cities with its winding river valley and beautiful buildings that make you feel like you are in a fairy tale, and its history dates back to the Middle Ages.
  • Dam City: Which is considered one of the most famous medieval coastal cities, it is characterized by its beautiful scenery, lined with trees, and it is also home to the monthly book market and a number of libraries and prominent residents.
  • De Haan: Which is considered one of the best picturesque cities on the Belgian coast, and is characterized by picturesque shades, as the city was once home to Albert Einstein, who lived there for several months before immigrating to the United States of America.
  • Fjorn: an ideal market town whose stunning buildings have made it a mustvisit in Belgium for architecture buffs.
  • Ardennes: It is called the smallest city in the world, and is characterized by its charming architecture and winding cobbled streets, and it is one of the most beautiful cities as well.
  • Rochefort is a medieval city that has retained much of its beauty and charm, despite being a site of frequent conflicts, especially during the French Revolution and World War II.
  • Malmedy: It is a beautiful city dating back to the early Middle Ages that has preserved its charm and a number of historical buildings. [3]

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