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Saturday January 16, 2021

What is Biden’s most difficult task in the White House after Trump’s departure ?!


Abdel Bari Atwan, editor-in-chief of Rai Al-Youm newspaper, wrote: We are not talking here about the regular cleaning campaign followed by the White House after the departure of a defeated president and another victorious presenter, such as cleaning the bathrooms and only spraying rooms with disinfectants, a campaign valued at about half a million dollars, but rather about The filth and political and moral epidemics also that have accumulated and nestle in various American and international corridors and atmospheres.

Trump will leave the White House, like a thief from the back doors or basements with a lowered head, and a woman chased by curses .. he is leaving and has destroyed his country and its democracy, and doubled the number of its enemies, just as he destroyed his Republican party, and more than 300 thousand Americans lost their lives due to his negligence and his failure to address the Corona virus , In addition to about four million injured who stand on death row.

His successor, Joe Biden, will find himself governing two countries if not more because of the state of division that was sown by the hateful racist policies of his predecessor Trump, and the state of anxiety and terror resulting from it, and it will be to end this state of division, restore confidence in the American political system, and stop the state of accelerated collapse internally and externally on top His priorities.

It is difficult to predict the extent of the success of the efforts made by Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, to remove him on charges of betraying oath as head of state, violating the constitution, dividing the country, and thus preventing him from running in the next presidential elections, but perhaps the greatest punishment that he suffered is the collective decision of the social media Media by closing his accounts and preventing him from communicating with the racist followers of his followers in order to preserve the country’s security and stability, and save the lives of its citizens.

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Some may argue that this step deals a destructive blow to politics, democracy, and its branching freedoms, the most prominent of which is freedom of expression, and it would have been better, from their point of view, to continue the ban on only offensive and dangerous tweets, and this is a view that must be respected, but when committed Trump with freedoms, democratic values ​​and human rights, and he who separated 3000 children from their immigrant families, prevented citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the United States, supported the Israeli policies of Judaization and annexation in Jerusalem and the occupied Golan, and stopped financial aid to the international agency that cares for refugees. And spent 90 billion dollars to destroy Syria?

Trump wants to present himself to more than 74 million voters who voted for him in the last elections, in addition to the 90 million followers on “Twitter”, as a “martyr” who was subjected to a great grievance, and to work on mobilizing these people into a party or armed racist militias that practice all kinds of bullying And blackmail, and igniting the fuse of the civil war in the country, under the slogan of the supremacy of the white race, and the slogan of “America first”. We are not surprised that this phenomenon has become a model to be emulated, and following its approach, racist organizations in many European countries, and what leads to a new “Nazism” .

Trump will leave the White House to face 60 cases filed against him in many courts, some of them criminal and other financial, that will try to bankrupt him, and the third is a scandalous nationality, but he will find abundant money from his Arab and Zionist allies, to cover the high expenses of the major law firms, and he is not afraid of judicial battles. He faced many of them before assuming the presidency, condemning him and throwing him behind bars, if it happened, it would be the final blow that would prevent him from returning to the White House.

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Trump’s misfortunes will not stop after leaving the White House, but may worsen as long as he remains alive, and this is a matter that involves much contemplation and foresight, especially since the US security services have a huge legacy in assassinating presidents in power and beyond, inside the United States, and many countries. All over the globe, and we leave the rest to your imagination and understanding..and God knows best.

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