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Sunday August 9, 2020

What is behind the plan to storm the ministries in Lebanon?

The World – Lebanon

He added in a tweet on Twitter, “Have some people moved to prevent the government from completing the investigation and announcing its results at the beginning of next week, which will undoubtedly affect corrupt and criminals?”

In this regard, Al-Mayadeen TV reported, quoting sources as saying that “there is a plan to break into more than one ministry to destroy documents and files related to corruption since 1992.”

A number of protesters stormed the Foreign Ministry building in the Ashrafieh area in Beirut, while a number of them set fire to the image of President Michel Aoun in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On this issue, the retired Brigadier General of the Lebanese Army, Charles Abi Nader, said in a television interview, “Most of those who stormed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were saboteurs,” adding that “we are certain that those who stormed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have links abroad.”

Abi Nader indicated that those who carry out the acts of sabotage do not want the investigation into the port bombing to continue.

Also, demonstrators stormed the buildings of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Environment in central Beirut and threw files from the two ministries’ buildings. They also stormed the Ministry of Energy and Water building on the Corniche of the river.

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