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Thursday September 17, 2020

What is asymptotic thinking with examples?

Asymptotic thinking is a term coined by Joey Paul Guilford who also coined term divergent thinking for opposite way of thinking, and it generally means ability to give a correct answer to standard questions that do not require much creativity, for example in most tasks in school and in standardized multiple choice tests of intelligence .

Convergent thinking is often used in conjunction with divergent thinking and convergent thinking is a type of thinking that focuses on coming up with a single, solid answer to a problem. Convergent thinking is used as a tool in creative problem solving. When an individual uses critical thinking to solve a problem, he consciously uses criteria or possibilities. For making judgments, this is contrasted with divergent thinking in which judgment is deferred while many possible solutions are sought and accepted.

What is asymptotic thinking

Convergent thinking is related to analysis, judgment and decision-making, it is process of taking a lot of ideas, sorting m, evaluating m, analyzing pros and cons, and making decisions, and some of se ideas are excluded because y are too expensive, time consuming, require a lot of resources, or are too far from box. Simply convergent thinking is process of strategically removing harmful thoughts through those ideas to find solutions.[1]

Examples of asymptotic thinking

The professor accurately ranks curve and collects test results based on this rigorous interpretation without anticipating or possible causes for test results.

Asymptotic thinking and brain activity

The brain activity of closely spaced thinkers is unique, this activity is measured by a test called an EEG, and electrodes on scalp measure a person’s brain waves, and it causes a distinct increase in ta ranges, a type of brain wave associated with learning, memory and intuition. .

Studies in patients with damage to hippocampus indicate that ability to apply convergent thinking is related to hippocampus, which is part of brain responsible for memory and also participates in neurotransmitter systems that transmit signals to brain cells, and convergent thinking function is greatest when levels are low. From dopamine, a chemical for arousal, thinking and planning, found in nervous system.

Skills executive function of asymptotic thinking

Executive functions are cognitive skills that help in forming goals and achieving m.There are three main areas: working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control, such kind of thinking. We practice executive function skills in daily life. These skills have a dominant role in creativity, and include executive function skills. For example, but not limited:

Attention and start

Attention is an executive function characterized by remaining focused on task. Attention is especially important to him because narrowing down best solution requires focus, in addition, attention helps to sustain start-up executive function responsible for starting and ending a task to its completion.


Inhibition is an executive function that uses attention and thinking to simply control impulsive automatic responses. Inhibition is part of self-control, and a lack of inhibition prevents ability to ignore partial or incorrect solutions. When a person does not have inhibition it also affects ir attention. They cannot remain focused on what Enough to stay on task thus, impaired inhibitory control is a defect of convergent thinking.


Although divergent thinking is not concerned with constraints, best solution defined by convergent thinking tasks cannot be deterred by broad constraints, transformation is executive function that allows us to adapt to se situations as y change or when constraints arise, in that focus must shift To narrow down ideas generated during divergent thinking.

Regulating emotions

Depending on task, thinking process can be stressful.Studies have concluded that converging and branching thinking tasks lead to mood swings. Regulating emotions is ability to deal with emotions, which is essential in times of stress. With its focus on filtering thoughts, convergent thinking requires management. Feelings, and one must acknowledge what he is feeling and deal with se feelings to overcome barriers to most appropriate solution.


Convergent thinking is structured, executive function provides organization, this much-needed structure, and organization requires planning and setting priorities, each of which is related to convergent thinking, it is point in thinking process when ideas come to life, one has to set main priorities to achieve his goals.

Intelligence and convergent thinking tests

Intelligence is a major component of perception and thinking, and it measures IQ, which symbolizes intelligence quotient, convergent thinking, questions related to standardized IQ tests are a shining example of this type of thinking, and y measure logic, reasoning, basic knowledge and flow of thought, intelligence does not depend on creativity, But y have an indication of intelligence. Higher IQ scores provide a starting point for ir implementation. Problem solving becomes more difficult if intelligence is low. However, intelligence does not guarantee creativity, nor does access to a correct written answer to a problem guarantee ability to generate original ideas before delving into Asymptotic thinking process.[2]

Convergent thinking is used according to divergent thinking, and when new, creative, innovative and ambiguous ideas are presented as a result of divergent thinking, systematic, procedural, accurate and time-effective convergent thinking is required to work on results of different thinkers, scrutinize and arrive at an unambiguous answer.

The school is an example of convergent thinking, and it requires us to learn things in order to get good grades on exams, and this may not be a correct approach to teaching children, since convergent and divergent thinking is required for students to learn critical thinking, which is a process for obtaining accurate, best possible and creative ideas and answers. Divergent thinking helps not only solve difficult work-related problems but also problems related to daily life. It is important not to lose sight of various possibilities while trying to solve a problem, and it is also important to gain knowledge that comes from learning things in school.

There are several ways to test asymptotic thinking, and one example is intelligence tests. Understanding level of knowledge that one possesses is possible, but level of creativity is not like that. There is no test that can assess your creativity level, and thus level of divergent thinking, which requires conducting thought experiments inside mind of individual. Thought experiences are mental schemes of different scenarios for thinking and remembering possibilities that have been created.[3]

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