What is arrogance that never enters Paradise? This kind of arrogance keeps him away from Paradise and brings him closer to Hell, so God Almighty and His Noble Prophet urged us to stay away from arrogance in all its forms and types, especially this type of arrogance, and in our next article we will learn about this type of arrogance.

What is arrogance that never enters Paradise?

What is arrogance that never enters Paradise? It is the arrogance that includes not accepting Islam, and not submitting to God in obedience, and it is the disbelief of arroganceThe servant may be arrogant towards the Creator because of his intense ignorance of this arrogance, and his ignorance of the greatness and status of the Creator, who created him and his images and created everyone in the earth and the heavens all, and the arrogance of disbelief makes a person disbelieve in his Creator, and arrogant about his worship and obedience, and he may even be arrogant against his prophets and messengers and all that was revealed God Almighty, and this kind of arrogance cannot enter its owner into Heaven under any circumstances, God Almighty said: {Indeed, those who are arrogant about My worship will enter Hell in disgrace.}[1].[2]

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What is kiber?

Arrogance is: grandeur, and arrogance is like arrogance and arrogance, and arrogance and arrogance is a name of arrogance, and the meaning of arrogance in the honorable prophetic hadiths is: it is arrogance of truth, and looking down on people. (Do not enter paradise from in his heart, whit on an atom he said, a man said: The man loves to be a dress well and good, he said: God loves beauty, the greatness of the right, and the people of people)[3]And this hadith shows us the bad consequence of arrogance, so no one will enter Paradise who has an atom’s weight of arrogance in his heart. Man himself, applauding his virtues, belittling people, belittling them, and being superior to those to whom one must be humbled.[4]

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The Prophet’s hadith about arrogance

There are many honorable prophetic hadiths that forbid arrogance, and indicate its end and severe end, and it was mentioned in the honorable prophetic hadith on the authority of Abdullah bin Masoud on the authority of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, he said: (no Enters heaven a leg at his heart Mithqal corn From big Nor Enters fire a leg at his heart Mithqal corn From Faith)[5]The arrogance that contrasts with faith does not enter its owner into Paradise, and from this arrogance, the arrogance of Satan and the arrogance of Pharaoh and others whose arrogance was contrary to faith, as well as the arrogance of the Jews about whom God Almighty has told in many of the noble verses, so arrogance is totally blasphemy and contrary to faith, and the duty of the one who has a weight in his heart A speck of arrogance seeks forgiveness from his Lord and a lot of worship and turns away from all of that, because his arrogance makes him deny the truth and despise creation.[6]

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Blame arrogance and forbid it

Arrogance is one of the first sins that God Almighty was disobeyed by, after Satan refused to prostrate to the angels arrogantly, God Almighty said: {And when We said to the angels: “Prostrate to Adam,” and they prostrated themselves.[7]And if this is news from God Almighty about Satan, then it is a reprimand for the rest of God Almighty’s creation who are arrogant in their worship and obedience to Him, Glory be to Him, and arrogance is a major cause of the destruction of nations and previous centuries. They are because of their arrogance that there is no power more powerful than their strength, so God sent a fierce squawking wind on them, and here they are the people of Thamud who are taking the same approach with arrogance and arrogance, rejecting the call of God Almighty, and denying their Prophet, and many others from the generations and nations whom God took because of their arrogance from the truth, and arrogance is a reason to dismiss On the religion of God Almighty, a reason for entering the fire and immortality in it, the meaning of the meaning.[8].[9]

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At the end of our article we got to know What is arrogance that never enters Paradise? It is the arrogance that includes not accepting Islam, and not submitting to God in obedience, which is the disbelief of arrogance.

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