What is a page on Facebook? ? What is the meaning of page on Facebook? How to create a page on Facebook? The Facebook social network is among the most important and most social media platforms ever and is rivaled by Twitter, Reddit, Google and other companies.

And when we talk about Facebook, we must mention the beige or the page, through which you can earn a lot of money for free, through a useful site. We will learn about the pages or pages, with reference to how to profit from the Internet through them.

What is a page on Facebook – profit from Facebook through videos

The meaning of the page on Facebook is the pages spread on this blue platform. There are millions of Facebook pages that are active in a field of fields. They are called Pages or Pages. We Arabs are accustomed to writing in the Arabicized language, so we find someone who uses this name on them.

Facebook pages are one of the most important advantages of this global platform. Hardly a company or institution and a brand does not have a page on this social network, in order to advertise and promote the products, goods or services of this brand or companies, even ordinary individuals are keen to create A page in order to express their opinions through a place that gathers many fans in one place.

What is distinctive about Facebook pages is that you can earn money through them, by publishing videos, and this is what we will learn later. The page or page corresponds to another service, which is groups or groups that are no less important than the two pages as well.

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What does beige mean on facebook?

This question is still repeated by many people through the Google search engine, we said previously that the beige is the page where some call it “beige” with the same pronunciation in the English language “Page”, as many of the platform’s pioneers used to say this name when writing a publication or searching for something related to the pages on the search engines. search.

Facebook Page and knows what has collected and earned a lot of money from it. Facebook has just launched a special program to profit from the Internet quickly, in order to compete with Google in the ads that are displayed within the videos that are shared on Facebook pages, or YouTube channels.

What is a page on Facebook and how do you make money from it?
What is the page on Facebook and make money from the page

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How to create a Facebook page and profit from it 2022

How does the page work on Facebook? Profiting from the Internet or working remotely has become a necessity for anyone who wants to improve their monthly financial income, and Facebook allowed making money from videos on Facebook pages, by creating a business account on Facebook and creating a page with this business, and the steps for creating a page on Facebook Successful are:

How to create a page on Facebook

  • Go to the web page on your desktop computer or Windows computer.
  • It is preferable to create the page via a web browser, not by phone, for more control.
  • Go to visit the official Facebook website link click here.
  • Log in to your account, type your email and password.
  • Click on the option Create new Page+ and you will find it in a side menu.
  • Write the name of the page, make sure that it is clear and attractive and expresses the activity that you want to do.
  • Select a page’s category or domain from many categories.
  • Start writing a short description of the page of no more than 255 words.
  • Click on Create Page.
  • Complete the other data, such as uploading the image on the page you want to make.
  • Finally, click on Save Data.
  • The new page will be created successfully.
  • You can start managing and controlling it, by adding a number of social media buttons, such as the WhatsApp button, Facebook Messenger and other options and features.

This was the easiest and fastest way to make a Facebook page, hurry up to create your own page to start the journey of profit from Facebook pages videos.

What is a page on Facebook?

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Terms of profit from Facebook 2022

We are still with the question of today’s article, which is what is the page on Facebook? In this context, we will learn in this paragraph the conditions that must be adhered to in order to be able to earn money through beige videos, and the conditions are as follows:

  • The videos are exclusive and there is no copyright or ownership over them.
  • The account holder is one of the countries eligible to profit from videos on Facebook, which are five countries so far: Iraq, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.
  • To achieve many views during the past 12 months.
  • Continuously uploading videos.
  • The number of fans on the page must be at least 10,000.
  • The more members on the page, the better for you and the more and better your chances of winning.
  • The video should be no longer than 3 minutes to allow ad breaks to appear more accurately.
  • The videos do not violate the laws and regulations of the company.

Now the important question is How do I know if my page is eligible for profit? on Facebook? The matter is simple, as the company provides a link to verify this and to allow you to activate the profit from Facebook.

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Activate profit from Facebook pages

In the event that your page complies with the previous conditions mentioned, you can activate the profit from Facebook, through the following steps:

  • Go to the Creator Studio Facebook page, click here.
  • Click on the option Monetization within the side menu as in the image.
What is a page on Facebook and how do you make money from it?
What is the page on Facebook and activate the profit from Facebook?
  • You will find all of your pages.
  • Select the page on which you want to earn money through videos by clicking on it.
  • Start setting up the page.
  • Click Submit.
  • Wait while the review process for your application is completed.
  • In the event of approval, you will be responded to by accepting or rejecting the profit request from the Facebook page.

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Finally, in today’s article, we learned about What is a page on Facebook?? In it, we learned what the Facebook page means, and we touched on how to create the page and activate the profit from Facebook page videos, and it is considered among the best ways to profit from the Internet for the year 2022-2023.