the horse

The horse is a mammal, and it is one of the oldest domesticated animals, as historical studies indicate that it has existed on Earth for more than four thousand years. running.

Classification and types

The horse belongs to the phylum Chordata, and it is a single hoof animal, and it also belongs to the rank of the joints of the fingers, specifically to the equine family. , followed by the purebred crossbred horse, which is the result of mating the Arabian horse with the English horse, followed by the English horse.

horse female name

A female horse is called a mare, a name given to an adult female horse that can give birth, a young horse is called a foal, an adult male horse is called a stallion, and a young male horse is called a colt, and it is worth noting that the gestation period of a female horse is eleven months, A young horse can stand on its feet hours after it is born.

Information about the horse and mare

  • Horses have many colors, including blond, white, black, gray, hazel, golden, brown, and others.
  • The Barbary horse is one of the most famous types of horses in the world, and it is also used in running races.
  • A horse has a total of thirty-two chromosomes.
  • The horse lives all over the world, in cities, forests, deserts, and countryside.
  • The height of the horses ranges between one hundred and forty-two centimeters, and one hundred and sixty-three centimeters.
  • The horse’s weight ranges between three hundred and eighty kilograms, and five hundred and fifty kilograms.
  • Horses live on average between twenty-five and thirty years.
  • The maximum speed of a horse is about sixty-four kilometers per hour.
  • There are more than three hundred different breeds of horses.
  • Horses have a very strong sense of hearing, as well as a strong sense of smell, stronger than the human sense of smell, and it is worth mentioning that the horse depends on the sense of vision more than its dependence on the sense of smell.
  • Horses walk four well-known gaits, namely, normal walking, and trotting, in which they move the right archers together, and then move the left arches together, the sprint, which is regular, and the fast sprint, which is called a fast run.
  • The horse is mentioned in several Quranic verses, as well as in the honorable hadith, and the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, linked horses to goodness, and the horse is called by many names such as the horse, the horse, and the horses.

What is a female horse called?

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