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Thursday July 16, 2020

What Iranian site targeted ‘Israel’ in Syria ?!

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News: A spokesman for the Iranian armed forces announced that, during the nine years of the legal presence of Iranian advisers in Syria, only 8 people were killed in a Zionist aggression.


The Zionist media recently announced that the number of air strikes on Iranian sites in Syria reached 200, while at the same time this media seeks after each raid to confirm by its devious and deceptive methods that it targeted the Iranian forces and their locations in Syria, at the same time it confirms that its raids and attacks As a result of the martyrdom of a number of Iranian advisers, while the spokesman for the Iranian armed forces today announced formally the true number of Iranian advisers who cited the Zionist aggression on Syria, stressing that no attack or raid did not pass without a response, but that Iran retaliated for every attack that targeted its forces in Syria.

On the one hand, the Zionist entity sought during the past months to amplify its raids on Iranian sites in Syria by claiming that it launched 200 air strikes against them, and on the other hand, it sought to suggest the Iranian forces’ inability to respond to these attacks by repeating these allegations, and on the third hand, the entity The Zionist, and through his exploitation of the conditions the world is going through, he has long declared that he has succeeded in achieving what he wants from these attacks, which is to drive Iran away from Syria and end support provided by Iran to the axis of resistance, while the statements of the spokesman of the Iranian armed forces and his emphasis on the legitimacy of Iran’s survival in Syria and its continued support for the axis Resistance; He demonstrated that the Zionist entity is talking about dreams that will not be realized, whether through the negotiating table or through military battles.

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The Zionist media have sought after the event in Natanz to suggest that the war with Iran has moved from Syria to the Iranian interior, and it seems that the entity’s officials welcomed this by their silence towards these allegations, and since they did not receive an appropriate response to its allegations, therefore these media She believes that her lies have the support and support of the public opinion in the Zionist entity, but Brigadier General Shukharji’s statements revealed the falsehood of the Zionist allegations.

The visit of the Iranian Chief of Staff, Major General Mohammad Bagheri to Syria, and before him the visit of the commander of the Quds Force, Brigadier Ismail Qāany, and the Iranian ambassador’s assertion of supporting the Syrian government and people against the sanctions imposed by the United States on Syria within the framework of the so-called Caesar’s law, as well as the visit of the Iranian foreign minister to Damascus during Corona Virus Outbreak Crisis in Syria; All this indicates that Iran will continue to remain in Syria in compliance with the official request made by the Syrian government.

Moreover, the limits of the resistance to the Zionist entity these days are not limited to Syria alone, but that its expansion to Lebanon and Palestine is also interesting.

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