The International Organization for Standardization, which was founded in 1947, specifically on the twenty-third of February, is known as ISO, and it is an organization whose work is to set standards, and it is composed of representatives of several national organizations. It imposes laws to be followed and signed through treaties, which leads to giving it more power and support than most other non-governmental organizations, and therefore this organization has alliances and links with most international governments.

This organization operates according to international standards, industrial and commercial, and its permanent headquarters is in Switzerland, specifically in Geneva.

The word iso comes from the Greek; Where it means equality, and because the name ISO did not come from an abbreviation of English or French words or even an abbreviation of the name of some organizations, its founders members adopted this name internationally for this organization, and the purpose of this designation was to show the goal of this organization, which is equality between different cultures .

ISO documents are known to be protected by copyright, and thus this organization deals with certain fees, in exchange for giving copies of most of its standards, but at the same time it gives most of its drafts free of charge and via electronic means, and although this feature is useful, it is necessary Be careful through the use and abuse of drafts, because there can be a significant change in the data before the complete completion of setting standards, and we find that there are some standards available for free.

The United States of America chairs the ISO, and it is officially represented by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

ISO members

  • Members of the body: They are in general the national bodies, which are more representative of the standards in all countries, and therefore they are the only ones entitled to vote.
  • Correspondence members: They represent countries that do not have private standards organizations, and they are usually fully aware and familiar with all the work of this organization, but they cannot participate in the issuance of any standards.
  • Joint members: They are among the countries whose economies are small, and they pay the fees due for their membership and the fees are low, but they are entitled to follow the developments of standards.

Participating members are called (P), and observer members are called (O).

What does ISO certification mean?

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