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Friday September 25, 2020

What do you know about the Moroccan city of Dakhla

The city of Dakhla is considered one of the most important tourist cities in the world, as it was ranked among the best international destinations for years when it was chosen by the site specializing in global tourist destinations, “Tourism Post” as the best tourist option for the year 2015, known for its rich fish wealth and attracting many tourists throughout the year. Dakhla, with the cleanliness of its streets and neighborhoods, among the most prominent historical monuments in it are the ancient Catholic Church built by the Spaniards, the Lambres lighthouse and the lighthouse built on a sea cliff in the west of the city, and for years, the city of Dakhla has been witnessing major developments and important transformations at all levels. Let’s get to know the city of Dakhla, the pearl of southern Morocco.

Dakhla location

Dakhla is the capital of the Oued EdDahab region and is the second largest city in southern Morocco after the city of Laayoune. The city has 106,277 inhabitants, and it is characterized by a sunny climate and a warm climate throughout the year.

It is located in the far south of Morocco, about 600 km from the MoroccanMauritanian border at the point of El Gouira, and it is 650 km away from the city of Laayoune. Dakhla is distinguished by its distinctive view on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and it is a peninsula surrounded by three Atlantic coasts, and extending a distance of 40 Km deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

History of the city of Dakhla

Dakhla was the first fishing stronghold for the Spanish presence in the Moroccan Sahara, and the date of the establishment of the city dates back to the year 1884, and it was at that time a Spanish colony named Villa Cisneros, and the Spanish colonization continued in Dakhla until 1975, at the date of the announcement of the Green March. King Hassan II gave the signal to about 350,000 Moroccans to march south in a peaceful march carrying Moroccan flags and Qur’ans to liberate the Moroccan Sahara from the Spanish presence on its territory that lasted ninety years. During the forties, fifties and sixties, the city of Dakhla was used as an airport to receive the planes that were operating In Latin America.

Before the departure of Spanish colonialism from the region, it left it politically ablaze with an old and lasting conflict to this day between Morocco and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Sakia El Hamra and the Valley of Gold known as “Polisario”, which was founded in 1973, and demanded independence, and has the support of Algeria until now, but Morocco refused It was delivered and presented to the eyes of the international community and the United Nations, autonomy under the sovereignty of Rabat within the framework of an expanded regional organization.

Dakhla falls under the sovereignty of Morocco, and it is worth noting that Morocco in 2010 accomplished the largest flag in the world in the city of Dakhla, which required 3 months to be made, as its area exceeded 60 thousand square meters and weighed 20 tons of cloth according to the Guinness Book of Records and this was Confirmation of the Sahara’s belonging to Morocco. The flag was placed in the courtyard of -Ghufran Street, in the presence of a number of foreign delegations coming from France, the United States and subSaharan Africa in particular.

The economy of the city of Dakhla

Fishing in this city is one of the most important economic resources of Morocco, and it is the undisputed treasure of fish wealth as it has a large fish stock of the finest marine varieties, especially oysters, octopus and sardines, and it also has the most important fishing port in Africa and is famous for its fish industry. -Misbar ”More than 120 European ships visit the coasts of Dakhla annually.

The city is also famous for its own farms for raising marine oysters. One of the most famous of these farms is “Ahmed Keda” farms, which alone produce about 40 tons annually of large oysters. In addition to tourism and raising livestock, especially camels, the city of Dakhla is famous for producing a rare type of tomato and is considered a company for agricultural production, which is a group of five agricultural estates that include covered houses dedicated to producing tomatoes from the largest agricultural enterprises in the city, as it is one of the largest exporters of tomatoes to Canada and Europe and America.

Tourism in the city of Dakhla

The city is the focus of attention for tourists and visitors from all over the world, and a global destination for water sports. It also has a range of luxury hotels that overlook the sea and have great tourism qualifications. That is why the New York Times made it one of the best destinations in the world, and thousands of tourists visit it annually. The city of Dakhla has already aroused the curiosity of researchers and tourists, especially after the discovery of the wreck of a German ship named “Kaiser Wilhelm”, which was designed for civil service, but the circumstances of the First World War Germany was forced to convert its use for military purposes, and it was drowned on August 26, 1914 after a battle with an English ship near the beaches of the city of Dakhla.

Landmarks of the city of Dakhla

The city is characterized by a group of historical monuments, the most important of which is an old Catholic church that was called Nuestra Señora del Carmen, built by the Spanish colonizer more than six decades ago. Some immigrants living in the city flock to this day, and the Spanish architectural style still affects the city significantly through Its neighborhoods that were inhabited by the Spaniards before they turned into housing for soldiers and a group of public administrations later, as well as an ancient sea lighthouse 60 meters long overlooks a rugged sea cliff in the west of the city on the Atlantic coast, it was established to guide ships, and near it there are “Lambres” and It is an ancient historical landmark that was a beacon before the Spanish turned it into a prison in which the Moroccan resistance fighters who struggled to expel the colonists from the region were imprisoned.

Among the most beautiful places that can be visited in Dakhla, are the wonderful white dunes that are visited by tourists from various countries of the world, and it is a wonderful wonderful place for wildlife enthusiasts and it is also possible to visit the Desert Museum of Arts and Crafts, which is rich in its arts and symbols, as it includes a set of appearances and contents Living in the desert during previous eras of leather, metal, wood and textiles, in addition to a library that includes various manuscripts from CDs and thousands of books for lovers of reading, costumes, rock inscriptions and coins that display cultural and cultural aspects in the southern regions, in addition to the popular market, which It offers a range of beautiful local and traditional products, in addition to popular restaurants famous for their delicious fish dishes and various recipes.

Among the most important landmarks is the site of La Plaza, which is a model located in the center of the city that was built to commemorate the historic visit of King Hassan II to Dakhla in March 1980.

Sea and wind sports

The city is characterized by charming natural qualifications and spaces for practicing water sports, as the city of Dakhla or the floating city is the favorite destination for many marine sports enthusiasts. Its calm waters with strong winds and warm sunny weather throughout the seasons of the year, made it the most suitable for waterskiing and surfing sports, so that it is considered a safe and riskfree area for practitioners of this type of sports, and this is what qualified it to host international sporting forums for water and wind sports, in addition to the city’s availability of An important infrastructure of hotels and guest houses to receive tourists.

Festivals of the city of Dakhla

Soon, the city moved into the ranks of major cities that host cultural, sporting, and artistic events and important international events, including the Crans Montana Global Forum specialized in global political, economic and social issues, as Dakhla hosts a group of senior politicians, economists and money at the global level, as well as the city Dakhla cultural days and festivals related to singing and Hassani poetry that are unique to the region, in addition to the annual festival of Arabic music and folklore that the city of Dakhla has hosted since 2008.

It also organizes the International Film Festival, which is considered the only one in the southern region of Morocco, and annually attracts top stars from the Arab and Western world.

There are many reasons for visiting this beautiful ancient city, a city that has stolen attention among all the cities that overlook the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, due to its rich historical landmarks and great tourist qualifications, so do not hesitate to make this city your next tourist destination.

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