Exercise is one of the most important activities that a person does in order to maintain health, provide the body with activity, and maintain its external appearance. From eating after exercising, in addition to the type of food that should be eaten after exercising.

What do you eat after exercise


Upon completion of the exercise, two processes occur in the body, namely: breaking down muscle protein, and building muscle protein, and the process of breaking down protein is higher than the building process. They recommend eating fast-absorbing proteins, such as whey protein, and amino supplements, but recent accurate research has discovered that fast proteins have no additional advantage over natural food in reducing the breakdown of proteins and increasing their synthesis in the muscles. From it quickly, which does not create a continuous environment for muscle building, and this makes it go to the internal organs instead of the muscles.

It is recommended to eat any meal that contains meat, or any animal protein after completing the exercise, and be sure to eat approximately 40-60 grams of protein.


There is a study that states that eating simple sugars increases the speed of secretion of the hormone insulin, which transports nutrients to the muscles. However, research has proven that eating complex carbohydrates fills the stores of glycogen in the muscles, and also proved the importance of eating fruits after exercise to refill the glycogen stores in the liver.


There is a theory that says that eating fat limits the speed of food digestion, which leads to a delay in the absorption of protein and carbohydrates, and there is no importance to the speed of absorption of protein, and carbohydrates in this case, as studies have proven that those who eat whole milk after exercise have an increase in protein synthesis more Those who eat skim milk, and the researchers did not find any explanation for this positive effect other than the milk containing fat.

Why do we eat after exercising?

  • Replenish spent glycogen stores.
  • Energy recovery, or muscle fuel, which is the carbohydrates that were used up during exercise.
  • Increase muscle mass.
  • Restore fluids lost during exercise.
  • Restore minerals lost during exercise.
  • Restore protein important for building muscle, repairing damaged tissue, and building new tissue.

What to eat after exercise

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