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Tuesday May 12, 2020

What are the types of wood paints?

Wood has many uses, especially for entrepreneurs trying to use it because it is not expensive or put it as a nice piece of decor. But in order for the wood to be colored with distinctive colors, it is necessary to know the wooden colors and paints that accept and shine on the wood and last as long as possible.

Types of wood paint

There are many types of wood paint that are suitable for some wood and not suitable for others, so you should see the types that are suitable for the wood that you will use in your project or home.

Oil paint

One of the best options for painting wood is this because the oil is one of the paints that is characterized by its durability and gives a smooth and shiny surface to the wood after the paint dries. And the paint is distinguished by the oil that it does not need to be painted before it in order to give gloss and color to the oil paint on the wood. However, in order to enjoy the final look of the wood with an oily touch, a high-quality paint brush must be used in place of the roller.

The brush that is suitable for handling oil paints must be chosen in order to work well on wood and give it the attractive color you desire. It is preferable to use oil paints on clean and polite wood from nails and small residues directly, because the oils do not mix well with lactus.[1]

Latex paint

One of the easiest types of paints to match with wood. One of the easiest types of paints is with oil and easy to handle on wood. Latex paint can be handled with many types of brushes. You can mix a little floetrol oil on heavy paint with beating and brushing the paint. Latex is one of the best paints to use, so it can be washed with soap and water and get rid of dirt on wood, which gives it a longer life as a paint on wood.

One of the drawbacks of latex paint is that it takes a long time to prepare and a rather difficult process for preparing the mixture in order to be ready for painting on wood, except that the results are often unsatisfactory and this is due to the important preparation process that the wood must reach and clean it completely to obtain a satisfactory result To paint color.

Powder paint

It is a powder that is put in the water to prepare and thaw it and does not need many preparations and installations to reach the color except that it is not a glossy wooden paint unless you only want to change the wood color to a color other than its natural color. One of its advantages is that it is one of the fast-drying paints. It can dry in an hour at most, and does not need many preparation processes on wood before applying color to it and gives a smooth feel to the wood, but it does not give a luster like lactus.

One of its drawbacks is that it gives a thick layer on the wood than other paints and needs more than one layer to paint in order to avoid peeling in color on the wood. Because it dries quickly, it is easy to show wood defects.

Acrylic paint

One of the famous paints for wood, where it is mixed with resinous materials known as plastic paints, which is used mainly on the walls, but in other cases it is often used in painting doors, woods, and windows. Especially the interior doors of the house such as the doors of the rooms, kitchens and wooden bathrooms.[2]

One of the advantages of acrylic paint is that it can be used to color the wood exterior and interior and does not need many layers of paint such as powder coating, but it is possible to take an additional layer to protect and resist the wood from peeling and abrasion. Besides, it takes longer to dry, which gives it a greater chance to hide wood defects and keep the color on the wood longer.

It does not need to sand the wood before coloring or needs a little preparation to ensure that the wood is free from defects that affect the paint colors; it does not need a specialist in wood coloring, it is possible for a non-specialist to color the wood and does not need difficult brushes as it is an easy and simple coating in his work and Suitable for beginners in painting wood.

Among the disadvantages of acrylic paint is that it does not give good results, as it is mainly wood paints and one of the few colors in gloss than other wood paints.

Milky paint

It is a kind of natural paint and is made from natural materials that are extracted from the remnants of milk protein and have been dealt with and used for centuries. Wood gives the old classic and beautiful look as if the piece of wood from a long time and gives it more value. One of its advantages is that it does not contain industrial materials. It is natural in a large percentage of natural ingredients and is manufactured in the form of a powder that is mixed with water and paint with ease. It penetrates the wooden pores and works to hide defects. It is one of the types of paints that are suitable for treating wood defects.

Among the disadvantages of milky paint is that it has a bad smell similar to the smell of sour milk, and this is due to its main components of milk; it must be used and used immediately or keep it as a first powder. Its colors faded over time and did not have the brightness that had been there before.

Polyester sealer paint

It is one of the paints that are used to paint wood and works on all woodwork, such as furniture, kitchens, doors and windows, and it has many advantages, including that it has a high ability to bridge wooden pores and wood sanding in addition to work on leveling wooden surfaces and preparing them for spraying with the final varnish suitable for them after that and endures all conditions Different air.

And the way to use it is easy, which is to prepare the wooden surface well before using the paint, and the paste is mixed well together, and then it is used directly on the wood, and its results are distinct and its colors are clear and shiny.

The correct way to paint wood

There are many things that must be followed when painting wood, including what is related to the preparation of wood itself, and some that relate to choosing the appropriate type of paint for wood painting. Including also preparing the necessary tools for painting.

  • Use the aforementioned types of acrylic, powder or latex paint, which are suitable for wood
  • Wood should be cleaned, make ready sanding, and work to get rid of impurities on the wood, such as nails and small wood residues, etc. It is possible to use sanding tools
  • Choose paint brushes that are suitable for wood coloring
  • Paint tool accessories that are used to mix paint ingredients before use
  • Large pieces of fabric to protect household appliances and furniture from the application of paint, and to protect the earth from the excesses that are caused by the paint.
  • Old clothes to wear when working on woodwork
  • Clean parts are used to get rid of color growth on wood

And all previous colors on wood and any drawings or nails that hinder the coloring of wood should be disposed of safely, while working to fill all wood blanks, burrs and holes with a paste intended for that.

After waiting for the putty to dry on the wooden holes, the wood is sanded with sandpaper until the wood is completely smoothed, and then the wood is painted with paint and the number of layers can be increased according to the type of wood and the amount of holes in it to obtain the distinctive luster and color.

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