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Thursday May 7, 2020

What are the types of decor – –

Many people are looking to decorate their new homes to become a beautiful and comfortable masterpiece with a lot of art, but there are many patterns of decorations for homes, and they reach eight styles. We discuss the most famous and widely used of them, and they are commonly used in most homes today.

In fact, there are a lot of interior designers who mix many styles together to get a style that is appropriate for them and comfortable for them, but it is important to define the basic aspects of each of the patterns used, and there are obviously interior designs patterns that exceed the eight types mentioned below, but we We focus on the main schools currently in design, because lists of design patterns are always updated periodically because there are a large number of patterns appearing all the time.

Types of home interiors

There are multiple styles of decoration, including modern, traditional and industrial, contemporary and elegant styles, and the list goes on. The major challenge that many people face is the lack of understanding or vocabulary to describe and define the interior design style that a person desires, especially with the abundance of unique design patterns.

It can be tedious to come up with a style that fits the personal taste of the individual, some also enjoy combining elements of many styles to create their ideal appearance or style, and a great starting point for the beginning of an interior design project is knowing a little about each of the styles and how each style differs from Each other.

Modern interior design

Modern style is a broad design term that usually refers to a new home with fresh and fresh lines and fashions and a simple color palette and use of materials that can include metals, glass and steel, and uses modern design to give a sense of simplicity in every element and every decorative piece, including paints and furniture.

Because the word commonly used to describe modern style is an elegant word, and there is not a lot of clutter or attachments associated with modern style, so The modern style of interiors is more popular in the media than in real life.

Although it is a great decoration, many people certainly prefer it for its beauty and simplicity, but when it comes to living in a more or less expensive design, people choose warmer home decor patterns such as rustic, cottage or traditional style. However, builders and architects incorporate modern elements in many homes which is great and adds an aesthetic touch, but in moderation and interest in the materials, angles and lines that add warmth. [1]

Among the most important features of the modern interior design style include:

  • The absence of a special decoration that contains intentional contrast.
  • No mess and everything is organized or much messy as desired by the customer.
  • Use neutral colors with primary colors and dimension or limit the use of bold colors.
  • Rugs are used in the form of engineering or ordinary rugs as desired by the customer.
  • The furniture pieces have elegant and clean lines and clear basic shapes with no innovation.
  • The decor is made of materials such as metal, chrome or glass, and it has smooth, smooth and elegant surfaces.

Art is often used in place of accessories and tableaux and open floor plans are used as modern interior designers are described as “very elegant”, given that they have unparalleled love for simple paintings and designs that are often coupled with clean, crisp, clear angles and lines, and they hate mess completely They always strive to remove extraneous objects from the image, so their designs are modern, elegant and have a sense of simplicity in every style they make.

A comparison between contemporary and modern style

As compared to contemporary designers, they love to decorate the spaces; however, they do so with skill and precision that you will not even realize that there is something “extra” in the design.

Modern interiors also include elements and materials that give you a general feeling of warmth and comfort without being too loud, bold or exaggerated and one of the hallmarks of these interior designers is their tendency to use monochrome panels.

As for the preferred colors to use, black and white are usually their favorite colors, often with hints for other primary colors such as blue, yellow and red. [2]

Traditional interior style

The traditional interior design style stems from a variety of European styles in the old school and is now referred to as the “traditional style”, Elements of this design include:

  • Reflecting basic images of classic European décor.
  • Laying lots of briquettes and planks.
  • Use a lot of built-in cupboards.
  • This style is characterized by the use of elegant furniture and new artifacts.
  • Furniture always paired with distinctive accessories and uses their dark colors.
  • The classic design is a neutral palette with vibrant colors of furniture and distinctive pieces.
  • Fabrics used in this style are expensive such as silk, velvet, cashmere, or comfortable fabrics such as cotton or linen complex tiles.
  • And the wooden floor patterns give the impression of tradition and originality.

As for the traditional interior designers are those designers who were deeply influenced and inspired by their ideas from the old European decor which gained popularity, especially during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and although this style depends on large furniture pieces and despite the large size of furniture and heavy equipment, it is still very elegant Beautiful and noble.

This type of interior design is ideal for those who love motifs and patterns that have a rich history behind. For example, classic artworks, antique elements, and symmetrical objects, they include some of the main signs or features of these traditional interiors, rich and dark hues and dark woods that take on colors. Natural wood and sophisticated colors.

The most distinctive feature is that the walls are often painted in neutral colors so that the colors of the furniture and decorative graphics can be distinguished, and the “traditional style” also loves creating intricate architectural details like wood panels, covered ceilings, built-in wardrobes, etc. [3]

The “symmetry” is one of the most vital aspects of the interior design of the traditional style, which means that everything from sofas to lamps to accessories should be in symmetrical pairs.

Because the basic idea behind this is that there should be a balanced space centered around one point, which is usually a TV or a decorative piece of art or a fireplace and so on.

Contemporary home decor style

Both the modern style and the contemporary style are used frequently and interchangeably with one another, because the contemporary style is different from the modern style because the main difference that separates the style of modern and contemporary design is that modern is a strict interpretation of design that began in the twentieth century.

Contemporary, on the other hand, is more flexible and can represent a sense of currency while being less restricted and in a particular style. For example, the contemporary style may include curved lines and more graphics, while modern design does not include those lines. [4]

Contemporary design style is often confused with modern design style, and contemporary design is the current design that includes open spaces, lots of light, straight lines, lots of glass, wood, and in some cases unusual layouts. Contemporary design elements:

  • This style is characterized by open spaces or open floor plans.
  • And it has unusual layouts.
  • It uses more natural light.
  • Neutral colors are used, and metallic decorative pieces.
  • It always uses a textured and natural fabric.
  • The use of wood colors is very light or very dark and uses lighting design technically.

Contemporary designers use their designs more flexibly, meaning that they correspond to other common styles that are currently being used, however, they do not resort to a specific style or design but rather rely on overlapping designs and patterns.

These designers also have a wonderful feeling and a sense of elegant art in which the combination of contemporary and classic, so their designs are constantly evolving and have a very modern touch to them, and at the present time, contemporary interiors include undecorated spaces that look very clean and elegant and classic, along with the exposed furniture from its legs A With a metallic stem to provide more space, whenever these contemporary designs are elegant, attractive and modern, it seems to us very simple, although the details are very complex. [5]

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