Body beauty signs

There are a number of criteria that determine whether a body is beautiful or not, and the following are some of them:[1]

  • Back arch: The curvature of the lower back of a woman is considered one of the attractive things for a man, and it appears clearly during pregnancy due to the weight of the child.
  • The ratio between the waist and the hip: The shape of the waist compared to the hip is considered one of the attractive characteristics of the woman’s body. The smaller the waist by three quarters of the size, the more attractive it is.
  • Smooth skin and consistency of texture: it should not be too weak or full, in addition to height, as men prefer tall women.[2]

Beauty signs in general

There are a number of beauty signs that many people around the world agree on, including:[1]

  • The Voice: Social psychologists discovered 40 years ago that the beauty of a woman may be apparent only during her conversation on the phone. Beautiful women, for example, are the focus of attention and get greater opportunities to interact with others, which makes them with good social skills that can appear in the form of attractiveness. while talking to her.
  • Pupil rings: The eye is the source of attraction and beauty in general for a person, especially when it is clear and free from redness and defects, and the dark ring around the pupil is one of the prominent signs of beauty, and it also indicates youth and young age. The episode was even darker.
  • Wide and large eyes: In addition to the small face, in addition to the full lips that are consistent with the size of the face.[2]

beauty tips

Women are always looking for beauty tips to always look their best, and some of these tips include:[3]

  • Green tea: Green tea is one of the effective ingredients for the skin in addition to being an effective repellent of toxins in the body, it helps reduce swelling and stiffness of the skin, and this helps to get rid of dark circles around the eyes.
  • Sweet almond oil: This oil is used to effectively remove lipstick, and it is used by placing a little of it on a piece of cotton and wiping the lips with it.
  • Vaseline: Vaseline can be used to arrange the shape of the eyebrows by applying a little of it on the eyebrow and using a special brush to comb it.
  • Cold water: The face should be washed twice a day with cold water, and avoiding warm water, because it opens the pores and collects dirt in them. It is necessary to drink at least eight glasses of water per day.

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What are the signs of body beauty

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