foreign industries

Arab citizens often refrain from buying locally-made tools and products and tend to buy foreign industries, and the fact is that this phenomenon is constantly increasing in Arab and Islamic societies.

Studies and statistics indicate the growth of this behavior and pattern in the selection of various foreign products and industries despite the availability of locally manufactured alternatives. What are the reasons that lead to the demand for foreign industries and the reluctance of local industries?

Reasons for the demand for foreign industries

  • The quality and quality of foreign industries, foreign industries are often industries characterized by quality and efficiency, so what is spent on foreign industries of money and what is prepared before the manufacturing operations of studies and research that ensure the production of industries of a high quality, and we are not afraid of the Japanese industries, which are characterized by high quality It makes people flock to buy it and ask for it in the name of its famous brands from stores and markets, while many local industries are characterized by poor quality and poor quality, although some of them have become beyond this characteristic to compete with foreign industries sometimes.
  • The long shelf life of foreign products and industries, foreign industries are characterized by their durability over local industries because the raw materials used in them are better than the materials used in local industries, and the efficiency of the workforce and their scientific, practical and cognitive ability make them more capable of producing our local industries that last more than the industries .
  • Competitiveness in prices, despite the fact that some foreign industries are of a high degree of quality, yet they compete with similar local industries in prices, and there are undoubtedly reasons that lead to price competition, for example, foreign countries resort to manufacturing their products in countries that are distinguished Low labor costs, which reduces the cost of the final product and makes it able to compete between different industries.

What are the reasons for the demand for foreign industries?

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