Feeding Supplies

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed a newborn, and in the event of resorting to artificial feeding, care must be taken to sterilize milk bottles, as it is very important to help get rid of germs and prevent infections that may be transmitted through dirty bottles, and the following is taken into account:[1]

  • Ready-made baby milk powder.
  • Six bottles of milk.
  • Milk bottle sterilizer.
  • Milk bottle storage bag.
  • Bottle cleaning brush.
  • Feeding bottle warmer.
  • Nursing pillow.
  • nursing cover.
  • Cut clothes to burp.

New born diapers

If you want to use disposable diapers, you should consider purchasing the size for newborns and the next size as well to use them as soon as the child grows and grows, and the new born will consume from 10 to 11 diapers per day during the first weeks of his life, but if he wants to use Cloth diapers, 48 ​​pieces of which are provided, in addition to this, 3 to 5 diaper changing covers, soiled diaper storage containers, diaper area wipes, and a diaper bag are taken into account.[2]

Health and safety supplies

A newborn baby needs a number of tools that help provide him with a good level of health and safety, including the following:[3]

  • baby powder.
  • Ointment for the rash.
  • first aid kit.
  • Thermometer.
  • Newborn nail scissors.
  • Hair brush and comb.
  • Baby shampoo and soap.
  • Cotton and regular wipes.
  • Nasal aspirator.
  • Washing powder for sensitive skin.

newborn baby clothes

A newborn baby needs to provide a small number of clothes for him, which are as follows:[2]

  • Four to six full-size one-piece suits.
  • Two to three pieces of sleepwear.
  • Four to six pieces of undershirts.
  • A sleeping blanket, to be selected according to the season.
  • Two or three pairs of socks.
  • number of bibs.
  • hat.
  • A jacket or clothing for cold weather.

Note: There is no need for the newborn to wear solid shoes during the first year of his life, as experts advise to wait until the child begins to walk steadily so that the shoes do not affect their development.[4]

Linens and toiletries

With regard to linens, three to four bed covers, two waterproof pillows, and three to six blankets for wrapping the baby are taken into account, and although there is no need to provide a bath for the baby until after the umbilicus falls, four to six bathing wipes, and two to four towels should be provided. Baby towels, plus a small bathtub, soap and baby shampoo.[2]

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What are the supplies for a newborn baby?

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