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The position of personnel director is considered one of the tiring jobs that requires the ability to self-control, calm and wise, where the director of personnel affairs is considered the first and direct responsibility for managing and following up on all matters concerned with employees, and entrusted to it by the director of administrative affairs in the company, so that he is fully responsible for the responsibility All employees within the framework of this company are in direct and permanent contact with them, and he also helps in developing plans and programs for the department on the ground, and supervises their implementation with efficiency and distinction. To write down and enter all the data about the employees and everything related to them, and its work is carried out within a unit called the human resources department in the company.[1].

Conditions to be met by the Personnel Affairs Manager

In order for the Personnel Manager to be a successful official in the company or institution, the following conditions and specifications must be observed in his personality:[2]

  • To form positive working relationships with all work staff, employees, clients and customers inside and outside the company.
  • Possess coordination, organization and planning skills, and master the art of dealing with others.
  • To be familiar with and aware of all the laws and regulations of the company or institution and to abide by them.
  • To be able to analyze and think, understand problems and find quick and practical solutions to them.
  • To be fluent in computer and English language skills.
  • To be able to prepare monthly and annual reports for employees, and to be able to constantly follow up on them.
  • To strive to develop himself and raise his practical efficiency through the courses and workshops he participates in, and his desire to continuously develop his abilities.
  • To have a university degree as a minimum in the field of public administration or business administration, with previous practical experience in the field for a period of no less than six years approximately.

Main tasks of the Personnel Manager

The Director of Personnel Affairs is entrusted with a set of tasks according to the size of the company or institution, and the number of employees present in it. In general, the tasks of the Personnel Director are summarized as follows:[2]

Plans Tasks

Among the most important tasks of the plans are the following:[2]

  • Contribute to the preparation of the organization’s or company’s plans in general, and the human resources management department in particular.
  • Supervising the implementation of the operational plan of the company or institution, and ensuring its implementation in the optimum manner and of the highest quality.

Tasks for jobs and employees

Among the most important tasks related to jobs and employees are the following:[2]

  • Contribute to the inventory and identification of the company or institution’s needs of employees and workers based on the organizational structure of the company or institution, and follow up on the employment requests received by the company or institution, and compare them with the specifications required for each vacancy.
  • Arranging job applications submitted to the company, and conducting interviews with applicants inside and outside the company if necessary.
  • Organizing work contracts and renewing workers’ cards, in addition to completing all procedures related to the exit and return of workers, and residency for foreign workers.
  • Arranging and scheduling the leave system for each employee in the company on a regular basis and inserting it into the computer.
  • Preparing and printing letters related to personnel affairs and approving them by the general manager or human resources director, and sending them to the concerned authorities; Whether it is inside the institution or the company or outside, and keeping copies of it in its files.
  • Organizing and following up all procedures related to employees, such as secondments, transfer benefits from one branch to another, assignment, annual salary increases, financial bonuses, promotions within the company, dismissals, and incentives, while documenting them accurately in files on the computer.
  • Follow-up and organization of transactions in the confidential and ordinary files of all the institution’s career staff.
  • Going to government departments to accomplish everything related to the interest of the work and its employees.

Supervisory duties

Among the most important supervisory tasks are the following:[2]

  • Follow up on the annual reports submitted to it by department heads, and take all necessary measures and actions based on them.
  • Receiving payroll, and following up the overtime hours for each employee in the company to determine and deliver the monthly salaries to the employees, and to give everyone his right.
  • Follow up the problems of the employees in full and seek to solve them and reject the dispute, and submit a full report to the Director of the Department of the grievances in the company.
  • Adhere to all terms and instructions in force in the company, and not to deviate from or transgress them in any way.
  • Carrying out any other tasks or work assigned to him by the Human Resources Manager or the General Manager.

Personnel Manager and HR Manager

The director of personnel affairs can perform the work of a human resources manager in companies or small enterprises that do not need to employ two people in these two job titles. In the case of large companies and institutions, the director of human resources is directly responsible for the personnel director. The personnel director usually communicates directly in the company or organization with the director of human resources, the director of finance, and employees. As for the external parties, it communicates permanently with health insurance, social security, and any other party related to the rights of employees.[1]

Attributes of a Personnel Manager

It is worth noting that the position of personnel director is a lot of pressure, and requires high mental effort and a great ability to focus and solve the problems facing employees and management. The personnel director usually holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, public administration, or similar specialties, as a minimum, and has three to six years of experience in administrative work and personnel affairs.[1]

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