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Monday March 2, 2020

What are the cheerful colors

Science confirmed that looking at colors and seeing them give the person psychological comfort and relaxation, as studies have shown that colors have a psychological, emotional, and physical effect on everyone who sees them, so every family is keen to choose quiet, cheerful colors inside their house, whether it is the colors of the walls, or furniture to be granted Family members psychological comfort, breadth, and joy, and through today’s article we will learn about the cheerful colors that relax the soul, and increase the feeling of happiness, calmness, and relieve anxiety and tension.

Colors that relieve human psyche

the colour blue

  • It gives the person a feeling of calmness and relaxation, as well as getting rid of fatigue and stress, so he can renew his activity and get rid of worries.
  • It is one of the calming colors of the nerves, and the mind gives you the right thinking, and the ability to empty the brain of everything that disturbs it.
  • It reduces states of stress and helps to slow the heart rate and reduce blood pressure inside the body, so you find those who suffer from stress, and poor psychological state would like to go to the sea to empty the worries, feeling relaxed, and comfortable for its calm color.
  • When you choose blue, you should employ it in the right places in order to give you the strong impact of calm, comfort and peace.

green color

  • This color symbolizes health, safety, harmony and calm as it is a sign of fertility and development.
  • Green is considered one of the colors that gives you a feeling of comfort, safety, and stability as it symbolizes the color of nature around us. Agricultural lands, gardens, and trees are all green to give us a feeling of psychological comfort and inner peace.
  • The green color is one of the colors that attract the eye, and feelings to it, as it helps you release negative energy inside you, get rid of anxiety, enjoy calm, relax, and refresh.
  • When you use green as a shade, it gives you positive energy inside, and reduces tension.
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Pink Color

  • This color symbolizes peace, self-calmness and helps to calm the psychological and nervous condition.
  • It reduces nervousness, absorbs anger, and tension so it reduces it and gives a feeling of inner balance.
  • This color is characterized by a suitable color for females, and most female rooms find this color, so it looks beautiful, relaxing, and optimistic. [1]

Colors send psychological comfort

White color

  • This color symbolizes clarity, purity, innocence, frankness, and hope. It also helps you feel refreshed, optimistic, and everything in white is comfortable with the eye, and reassures it.
  • When you feel anxious or anxious, and you look at the white color, you find that you have become more calm, less emotional, it reduces emotional states and reduces their effects.
  • It improves the psychological state, especially for a pregnant woman. When she sits in a place painted in white, this gives her internal stability and relaxation.
  • It is one of the neutral colors, as this color helps you to arrange ideas, control emotions, and make the right decision without jamming.


  • This color gives you a sense of balance, restraint as well as calm, and peace.
  • This color helps create a healthy, pure environment of stress, tension and makes you grow in a healthy way, with a balanced psychological state.
  • Increases your strength, and makes you bear doubly, so people are keen to have anything inside their house of this color even if a vase has a group of purple roses in order to enjoy your vision when you look at it, and get its positive effects.
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the colour grey

  • Many find that this color is one of the dull colors that give the feeling of distress and boredom, but in reality, this color gives you a calm state.
  • It also creates an atmosphere mixed with comfort, and stability is a neutral color, and one of the most practical colors, but the secret in it is good employment in the appropriate degrees, and pairing with comfortable eye colors such as: white, or sapphire. [2]

Colors bring happiness

Red color

  • It is a beautiful color that symbolizes happiness, love and romance and gives you a feeling of warmth and psychological comfort.
  • It increases happiness, joy in the place and gives you positive energy and excitement.
  • Red is one of the colors that increases your adherence to life, and attaches you to it, so you find comfort, happiness and joy.

The color orange

  • This color symbolizes happiness and sends it joy, joy and also provides the soul with vigor and vitality, it is a color that helps with enthusiasm and inner activity.
  • It is also considered one of the exciting colors in the making, which makes it have a positive effect on the soul, and emotion, which further improves the mood of the individual, and helps him to recover, and take off.

the yellow color

  • This color is one of the most symbolic colors of positive energy, happiness and fun, as it is one of the exciting colors that helps in optimism and hope in life.
  • This color suggests laughter, inner refreshment and helps stimulate mental abilities, attract attention, and help focus and attention.
  • It also gives the soul joy, pleasure and vitality. [3]

Colorful colors for painting the walls

the colour blue

  • It is the color of psychological comfort, and calm as it is considered one of the cold, inexpensive.
  • It symbolizes loyalty, belongingness, wisdom and focus as it implies honesty and loyalty.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes it in painting the walls is the feeling of inner peace, spaciousness and comfort in the place where you live.
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pink color

  • It is one of the positive colors that gives you feelings of love, adherence to life and hope.
  • This color also indicates femininity, physical calm, and nervous.
  • It is used in painting the walls to give the place vitality, beauty, and tenderness. You can also mix it with another color such as: white or light gray in order to increase its beauty and excitement.

White color

  • It is considered one of the most suitable colors for wall painting as it gives the place a spaciousness and a sense of simplicity and delicacy in addition to hygiene and sophistication.
  • It is considered one of the colors that reflects on a person a feeling of comfort, safety, and peace.
  • It absorbs angry, emotional, and bad mental states, and replaces them with happiness and relaxation.
  • The most important thing that distinguishes in painting the walls is that it is a color that matches all colors, and is suitable with it, so it does not make you adhere to the color of a specific furniture, or brushes with a fixed color, if it is neutral, and consistent with all other colors.


  • It is one of the royal colors symbolizing greatness, power and wealth.
  • It was ancient of expensive colors, and less common so it requires effort, and costs when doing so was limited to the category of kings, but it bears within it feelings of comfort, calmness, and peace which makes it a distinctive color for painting the walls. [4]
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