What causes tinnitus

Tinnitus is one of the things that many people suffer from, both men and women, as tinnitus is defined as feeling or hearing a specific sound, such as ringing in one or both ears. Women .

Causes of tinnitus

1. People get tinnitus if they suffer from hearing loss, especially as they get older.

2. Because of the nature of the work sometimes, especially the loud and annoying noises.

3. Because of the deposition of gum in the ear without cleaning it.

4. It may be due to taking some medications that have side effects on the ear.

5. Excessively dark alcoholic substances or coffee and tea that contain two palms.

6. It may be due to a blow to the ear as a result of a specific accident.

7. Tinnitus may be due to an increase or decrease in external pressure.

8. Underweight and thinness cause ringing in the ears.

9. It may be due to the presence of water in the ear as a result of bathing and swimming.

10. Colds and allergies.

11. It may be due to an auditory canal disorder.

Diagnosis of tinnitus

Tinnitus is diagnosed through the specialist doctor’s knowledge of the patient’s medical history and through a clinical examination, hearing examination and hearing reaction, or through magnetic resonance of the ear.

Tinnitus treatment

In some cases where the tinnitus is mild and does not recur continuously, the patient recovers from tinnitus alone without the intervention of the doctor, but if it is repeated, the patient is given some antibiotics if it is due to an infection.

You can treat tinnitus on your own without the intervention of doctors through:

1. You put a cotton pad moistened with warm water that you can tolerate and put it on the affected ear and this relieves the tinnitus.

2. The garlic, by peeling it and cutting off the head of the garlic tooth, and placing it in the ear on the side of the severed head, while fixing it with a tape so that it does not fall during sleep and leave it until the morning, which will remove the buzz and pain, God willing.

3. You use a blow-dryer, i.e. a hairdresser from a distance, and display it in the direction of the affected ear for a period of only two minutes.

4. Chewing gum when you are traveling in a place with high or high pressure.

5. Clove oil A few cloves are fried in olive oil and left until it cools. You drip one or two drops into the affected ear.

What causes tinnitus