frequent urination

The main cause of the problem of frequent urination or the constant need to urinate is a defect in the urinary system, and this referral causes discomfort and embarrassment, due to the patient’s inability to control the bladder, and it can be treated according to its causes, and in this article we will mention its causes, symptoms, and methods of treatment, in addition to prevention .

Causes of frequent urination

  • Inflammation and disorders of the urinary tract.
  • Diabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes is one of the main causes of frequent urination, and the reason is that the body needs to get rid of unused glucose through urination.
  • Pregnancy: With an increase in the size of the uterus than its normal rate, it puts pressure on the bladder, and thus leads to frequent urination.
  • Enlarged prostate: Many people suffer from the problem of prostate enlargement, especially the elderly, and therefore it causes pressure on the urethra.
  • Drinking large quantities of medicines, especially medicines that treat stroke and nervous system disorders, which in turn cause damage to the nerves that supply the bladder.
  • Bladder cancer.
  • Exposure to radiation therapy: It causes bladder spasms, and causes abnormal overactive bladder, and therefore the patient needs to go to the bathroom continuously.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Drinking large amounts of caffeinated beverages such as coffee and tea.

Symptoms of frequent urination

  • The temperature is higher than normal.
  • Severe pain in the back.
  • Increased desire to eat.
  • Urine turns dark yellow.
  • Discharge from the vagina or penis.

Natural ways to treat frequent urination

  • Fenugreek: Mix a tablespoon of ground fenugreek, half a tablespoon of each of: cumin, ginger, and four teaspoons of honey in a glass of water, then drink the mixture twice a day.
  • Sesame: Mix a teaspoon of sugar and half a tablespoon of each of: black sesame powder and cumin in a glass of water, then drink the mixture once a day.
  • Pomegranate peel: Mix two teaspoons of pomegranate peel powder and a teaspoon of water to get a homogeneous mixture, then eat the mixture twice daily.
  • Galangal: Mix a tablespoon of galangal powder in a cup of hot water, then leave the mixture aside until it cools, then filter it and sweeten it with half a tablespoon of honey, and then drink it once a day.
  • Bearberry: Mix a tablespoon of bearberry in a glass of water, then drink the mixture once a day, but it should not be given to pregnant women, and it is preferable not to use it for more than ten days.

Ways to prevent frequent urination

  • In the case of diabetes, it is preferable to avoid foods that generate urine, such as: foods that contain a large amount of spices, chocolate, industrial canned goods, and tomatoes.
  • Moderation in the consumption of caffeinated drinks such as: tea and coffee.
  • Avoid drinking water before going to sleep.
  • Bladder training to increase the intervals when using the bathroom.
  • Exercising, which in turn helps improve muscle health.

What are the causes of frequent urination?

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