facial pigmentation

Many girls complain of facial pigmentation; Where these pigmentations appear in different sizes and colors, and usually appear in a brown color with a different degree from one woman to another.

Causes of facial pigmentation

  • Frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun without using sunscreen creams.
  • The use of some types of makeup leads to the occurrence of pigmentation, the most important of which are: the frequent use of the foundation cream or the so-called foundation cream during the day; Where it interacts with sunlight and turns into pigments that pigment and lead to pigmentation.
  • Some types of medications, such as: contraceptive drugs, some heart disease medications, and some epilepsy medications.
  • pregnancy; When there is pregnancy, there is more willingness to the occurrence of these pigmentation in the face.

Dr. Essam Omeish – Consultant of Dermatology, Venereology and Laser

What are the causes of facial pigmentation – video

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