chapped lips

Also known as dry lips, it is a temporary disease that affects the human lips, and leads to their dryness, cracks and the appearance of wounds on their surface. Cracked lips are also known as an effect on the lips; Because it is exposed to a range of weather, or pathological factors that affect its nature, and reduces the percentage of its moisture, which leads to its cracking, and the lips often crack on a daily basis, and it is natural for this that it is not necessarily accompanied by any satisfactory effects, but the cracking of the lips is one of the problems that many suffer from individuals, which negatively affects them.

Causes of cracked lips

  • High temperatures in the summer, with drinking water in small quantities.
  • Respiratory diseases, which lead to a blocked nose, so the person resorts to breathing through the mouth, resulting in dehydration of the lips.
  • Suffering from a bacterial infection in the lips or mouth.
  • The peeling of the skin on the surface of the lips, which leads to bleeding and cracked lips.
  • Undergoing medical operations in the mouth and lips.
  • Dental disease, some of the treatments used with it may lead to dry lips.
  • Eat food that contains high amounts of salt.
  • Suffering from anemia.
  • Diseases associated with kidney failure.

Chapped lips symptoms

  • Complete drying of the skin on the surface of the lips, and the appearance of cracks in it, which leads to its fall.
  • Pain in the lips, especially when eating or drinking water.
  • The appearance of bleeding on the surface of the lips.
  • Red spots appear on the lips.
  • The natural color of the cracked lips has changed.

chapped lips treatment

General tips for treating chapped lips

The treatment of cracked lips is one of the simple treatments, which can be applied at home, without the need for medical intervention, and among the therapeutic methods used with cracked lips: drinking sufficient quantities of water, that is, approximately eight cups of water per day, and this leads to protecting the lips from cracking, And maintaining its moisture, and also medical treatment must be obtained for the pathological causes that lead to cracked lips, and treatment depends on the nature of the disease, especially in pathological cases associated with bacterial infections, and dental diseases, and cracked lips are usually cured after the symptoms accompanying the disease, and within a period of time ranging from three days, for a week.

Natural remedies for chapped lips

  • Honey; It is one of the best treatments for cracked lips. An appropriate amount of honey is placed on the affected lips, and repeated until the lips heal from cracks.
  • Olive oil, which is considered one of the most important treatments used for chapped lips, a little oil is placed on a cotton ball, and the lips are rubbed in it repeatedly until the cracked lips disappear.
  • Cucumber, which protects the lips by placing a group of cucumber rings on the places of bleeding and cracks in the lips, which moisturizes the lips, and reduces the pain resulting from their cracks.

What are the causes of chapped lips?

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