Benefits of ginger and cinnamon to burn fat

One study proved that a mixture of ginger and cinnamon effectively helps treat obesity in mice with diabetes. Researchers gave mice between 200-400 milligrams per kilogram of mice weight for four weeks, effectively contributing to a significant reduction in their weight.[1]

Benefits of ginger to burn fat

Ginger helps in the process of burning fat accumulated in the body, and this is by enhancing the metabolism process in the body, and increases the feeling of satiety and fullness, in addition to enhancing the digestion process,[2] Therefore, ginger helps in the process of losing weight if a healthy diet is followed in addition to physical activity, as studies have proven that ginger effectively contributes to weight loss, and according to one study, eating hot ginger after meals helped promote a feeling of fullness for long periods, and also controlled Blood sugar levels, which contributed to not overeating.[3]

In another study, ginger proved effective in losing weight, and reducing the ratio of waist to hip circumference, however, ginger had no clear effect in reducing the BMI of participants.[4]

Cinnamon benefits for burning fat

Cinnamon helps burn fat accumulated in the body. It is considered a thermogenic drink that leads to thermogenesis in the body, which leads to stimulating the metabolism in the body, thus promoting fat burning throughout the body,[5] Cinnamon contains the compound Cinnamaldehyde, which causes adipocytes to burn the fat they have been storing, a process called thermogenesis. Cinnamon also contains a high percentage of regulatory proteins that promote the process of thermogenesis in the body. .[6]

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What are the benefits of ginger and cinnamon to burn fat

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