cream fruit

The fruit of the cream is a tropical fruit and its taste is a mixture between banana and pineapple, and its outer peel is scaly, and it has many medicinal benefits because it contains compounds beneficial to human health. America, Portugal, Italy, and South Asia.

Benefits of custard fruit

Increase body immunity

The fruit of the cream contains large amounts of vitamin C, which enhances the work of the immune system, protects the body from infection with influenza, and helps absorb iron from food.

Beneficial for heart health

This is because it contains an amount of fiber that lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood by preventing the linkage with cholesterol and preventing its absorption from the stomach, thus raising the levels of good cholesterol and improving the rate of blood perfusion of the heart, and reducing the risk of heart disease, arteries and strokes, and also contains a good amount of potassium that helps in Reducing the risk of sodium and thus lowering blood pressure.

Fights cancer

A type of custard fruit has been used to treat cancer for many centuries in the areas where this fruit grows, and it was also used to treat asthma, liver and heart diseases, and arthritis, and then many researches were conducted on this fruit and its relationship to cancer, and studies proved the ability of custard to treat Many types of cancer without affecting healthy cells, and studies also found that the extract of custard fruit reduces the growth of tumors in pancreatic cells that do not respond to traditional treatment and without the side effects caused by chemotherapy such as feeling sick, weight loss, and hair loss.

strengthen the nerves

It contains vitamin B6, which activates brain functions, relieves stress and anxiety, helps prevent Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, and relieves dizziness.

Beneficial for digestion

The fruit of the cream contains a good amount of fiber useful for digestion, and helps to quickly get rid of waste, clean the intestines of harmful substances that cause colon cancer, relieve indigestion that causes bloating and abdominal pain, and is useful in the case of constipation and hemorrhoids.

How to eat custard fruit

The fruit of the cream is peeled and the peels are not eaten because it is a thick squamous layer, and we take the pulp of the fruit, which is the edible part, and the seeds must be removed before eating because they contain toxic substances, and it can be prepared as juice by cutting it into small pieces and placing it in the electric mixer, adding milk or Honey to raise the nutritional value of the juice, and the juice should not be filtered to obtain dietary fibers beneficial to the body.

What are the benefits of custard fruit?

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