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It is known that baby powder is intended for use on the skin of the child; With the aim of giving it a refreshing scent and softness, its use is not limited to children only, but can also be used for adults through the use of this powder in the field of cosmetics, hair care, skin and body, in this article we will talk about the benefits of baby powder for the face.[1]

General benefits of baby powder

There are many general benefits of baby powder, including:[2]

  • Increasing the density and length of eyelashes Before the process of applying mascara, all the woman has to do is sprinkle a little powder on the eyelashes using a special makeup brush, and then apply the mascara.
  • Get rid of the look of greasy hair by scattering a little baby powder on the scalp and brushing the hair with a hairbrush, this powder will absorb the secretions of annoying oils.
  • Extend the life of the lipstick, and this feature can be taken advantage of by applying a little lipstick, then placing a paper napkin on the lips and scattering the powder on the lip area, then removing the tissue and applying the lipstick again.
  • Prevent sand from sticking to the skin of the body when going to the beach. All that must be done is to sprinkle a little powder on the skin of the body before going to the beach, and when the sand sticks to the body, it will quickly disappear.
  • Absorb feet sweat, unpleasant odors from shoes, and avoid the problem of foot fungus. A little baby powder can be sprinkled on the sports shoes before exercising to absorb moisture and the unpleasant smell of sweat.
  • Sprinkle baby powder between pillow covers on very hot summer nights. This step will absorb the annoying sweat, and get rid of its unpleasant appearance on pillows and covers.
  • A great alternative to body powder, as it can be applied to the body right after the shower; To give refreshment, and softness to the skin.
  • A great alternative to deodorant, you can sprinkle a little powder on your underarms.

Benefits of baby powder for the face

Learn about the benefits of baby powder for the face through the following points:[3]

  • Increasing the smoothness of the skin and giving it a refreshing scent.
  • Get rid of that annoying summer itch.
  • Soothe the skin, and prevent irritation, especially after hair removal, on the body or face.
  • Fixing the liquid foundation, by putting a little baby powder on the skin using a brush or a special sponge, as using baby powder to fix the liquid foundation is comparable to using expensive cosmetics.
  • Many mixtures and recipes are made using baby powder that will increase the beauty of the skin, and among these recipes, mix a spoonful of rose water and a spoon of baby powder, and put the mixture on the skin for ten minutes to increase its freshness.

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What are the benefits of baby powder for the face?

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