Benefits of Chinese acupuncture for slimming

Chinese needles are one of the eastern folk medicine techniques that use high-lift needles to stimulate strategic areas in the body, providing many benefits, the most important of which are pain relief, especially those resulting from headaches, back and neck pain, menstrual pain and osteoarthritis, and it has recently been well promoted by modern medicine doctors. Those who were convinced of the ability of this technique to provide many health benefits to the body, including weight loss.[1]

An acupuncturist from New York State, Jennifer Oh, MS, reported that acupuncture helps in losing weight by supporting metabolism in the body by regulating digestion, insulin sensitivity and hormone secretion, because, according to Chinese medicine, metabolism does not work efficiently when Slowing digestion processes in the body, which means that it does not get the energy resulting from digesting foods that are needed to support metabolism, which causes difficulty in losing weight, and can reduce and suppress the support of metabolic processes and stimulate appetite, because hunger is a sign of lack of energy in the body .[1]

Despite previous beliefs, studies and their results are not enough to confirm the ability of Chinese needles to treat obesity problems, and it appears that the treatment does not succeed unless it is synchronized with other methods of losing weight such as following healthy diets and exercising.[1]

Chinese needles in the ear area

The technique of Chinese needles in the ear area states that the outer ear represents all the organs of the body, and therefore requires one needle to be inserted in the area associated with hunger and appetite or five needles to be inserted into different main areas in the ear.[2]

Researcher Sabina Lim from the Graduate School of Basic Korean Medical Sciences at Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea, indicated that the main purpose of the needles in the ear area is also to stimulate the metabolic processes in the body, because increasing its activity increases fat consumption, which in turn works to lose weight. body weight.[2]

Other Chinese ways to lose weight

The following Chinese methods can be used to lose weight:[3]

  • Chinese abdominal exercises: Chinese abdominal exercises strengthen and balance the abdominal muscles and massage the organs near the stomach area to promote digestion and metabolism.
  • Wu-Yi (Oolong) Chinese tea: Drinking Chinese tea combined with a healthy diet and exercise may help you lose weight.

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What are the benefits of acupuncture for weight loss?

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