What are lasers?

The concept of a laser beam is an abnormal source of light; Where these rays produce very narrow lines of light, and differ from other types of light such as lamplight and others, and laser rays are very useful in many areas of technology and tools, and the letters of the name of the laser (in English: LASER) express (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) ; Light amplification by stimulated emission of light.[1]

How do lasers work?

Laser beams are formed when energy is absorbed by the electrons inside the atom in special lenses, crystals, and gases by means of an electric current, or another laser; Which leads to its excitation. Then the excited electrons move from the orbital that has a lower level of energy to the orbit that has a higher level of energy around the nucleus of the atom. When these electrons return to their normal state, they emit photons; They are light particles, as these photons are coherent and equal in their wavelengths; This means that the crest and trough of light waves are fixed, unlike visible light, which contains several wavelengths, and is characterized as incoherent.[2]

Laser properties

The following are the characteristics of laser beams:[3]

  • Uniform: The light emitted by the laser is uniform in color; As it is of one wavelength or one color, unlike visible light, which is characterized by containing several wavelengths or colors.
  • Directional: The light emitted by the laser is very directional, as it is emitted in the form of narrow lines in a specific direction, unlike normal types of light that are emitted from the source in several directions such as sunlight or lamp light.
  • Coherent: Laser light is said to be coherent; This means that the wavelengths of laser light are in the space-time phase.

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What are lasers?

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