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Hair care is one of the most important things that women care about, and most women prefer that their hair be long, soft and flowing on their shoulders because it is a fact of the distinctive signs of women’s beauty. Or it is possible to resort to injections with needles that work to strengthen the roots of the hair, and it cannot be ignored that there are natural oils found in nature that work to prolong the hair; Where experiences have proven and what the old books mentioned about hair extension with natural oils, and we mention the names of special oils for hair extension.[1]

Cactus oil

It has been scientifically proven that aloe vera oil is one of the oils that prolong hair; Where aloe vera oil is obtained from perfume shops or prepared at home from aloe vera leaves if the aloe vera plant is available in the garden of the house, this is done by bringing a leaf from the aloe vera, and we remove the waxy crust from it, and the leaf is placed after cutting it in the blender, and then the saturated extract can be used With aloe vera oil on the hair, this oil is used three times a week, where it is placed four hours before washing the hair so that the hair is nourished with the oil, and it is washed with warm water, and we will notice the difference after a whole month of use.[2]

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most luxurious natural oils used in hair growth because it works to strengthen hair follicles with the rich elements that this oil contains in its unique composition. It is edible, and if a person is able to eat it, it is one of the original oils, and it is also examined by its white color, which turns to this color when exposed to cold temperatures, and when this oil is available, it is used when the hair is wet; Where the hair is dried with a towel and a quantity of oil is placed on the palms, it is massaged and spread on the hair strands for a period of two hours, and the appropriate cover is placed on the hair either using a swimming cap or a nylon bag, and after the time is up, it is washed and this process is repeated every three days, and it is advised Also, wash the hair with shampoo and put the oil on the hair without washing it for those who prefer this method.[3]

Fenugreek oil

We do not ignore the role of the fenugreek in prolonging hair despite its annoying and sometimes embarrassing smell, but its benefits remain very great; Where you can buy fenugreek oil from perfume shops or prepare it at home, and the method of preparing fenugreek oil is using ground fenugreek or love by 500 grams, and corn oil is added by one liter in a pot and placed on the fire until it boils, and then we add the amount of fenugreek to the oil Leave it on the fire for ten minutes. After it cools, it is filtered in a jar and is not used until a full week has passed until the oil that was prepared acquires the benefits and minerals of the fenugreek extracted through some remnants of the fenugreek stuck in the jar after filtering the oil. The fenugreek oil is used; Where it is preferable to put it before bed and cover it with a nylon bag or a swimming cap so that the hair sweats and nourishes the oil, and in the morning the hair is rinsed and washed with warm water and shampoo until the smell of the ring is eliminated, and it can be placed on the hair for four hours and we wash the hair after that to get rid of the effects of the oil. It is recommended to repeat this process once a week and the results are amazing compared to coconut oil; These are the most prominent oils tested in hair growth.[4]

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