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Tuesday June 22, 2021

Western military reports reveal: “African Lion” maneuvers came in preparation for the invasion of Algeria

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Military Watch, the American magazine that specializes in arms deals and military affairs globally, said in a report it published two days ago, “The African Lion land and air maneuvers led by the United States in North Africa from June 7 to 18 remarkably simulate the attack on Two supposed countries are Rouen and Wenhoun, both of which are located on Algerian soil.

The strategy of expansion and strengthening the American military presence in the African continent, which began with the attack on Libya ten years ago, and the dismantling of Sudan with European support, Algeria is considered one of the biggest threats to its influence, because it possesses gas, oil, water and agriculture, and constitutes a continent in itself (two million square kilometers) and is rich in mineral resources And it controls the African Sahel region, and it has a mighty people that is difficult to defeat, according to what a European military expert said in an interview with “Rai Al-Youm”.

The Algerian leadership has doubled its armament efforts and modernized the Algerian army with the latest highly advanced Russian weapons, defensive or offensive, as it was the only one on the African continent that possessed the S-400 and S-300 Russian defensive missiles, as well as the Russian Iskander-I offensive missile system. The most powerful in the world, with a range of 500 km, and Moscow sold these latest missiles only to two countries in the world, Algeria and Armenia, in addition to the Pantsir air missile system.

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There are reports that it has purchased 16 of the latest Russian Su-34 warplanes, which are superior to the American stealth aircraft (F-35) and have proven very high combat efficiency in the Syrian war because they are equipped with air-to-surface and air-to-air missiles, and are equipped with an advanced protection system. To repel enemy missiles, and it can carry eight tons of ammunition, and there are reports that Algerian pilots will start training courses on their leadership early next year.

The Algerian leadership benefited from Muammar Gaddafi’s grave mistakes, and made building a strong army equipped with land, air and sea weapons an absolute priority for it. He paid about three billion dollars in compensation to the victims of the Lockerbie plane, even though he was not behind its bombing, and how wrong, naive and short-sighted he was. “The one covered by America is naked,” as the late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said.

In conclusion, we say that Algeria, as all indicators indicate, will not fall into the Libyan sin, because the comparison between the two countries and the two leaderships is not in place. The Algerian leadership, since the victory of the revolution over French colonialism, has not been safe from the West, is well aware of its plots, and has never changed its alliance with The Soviets, and after them the Russians, did not trust America, and we hope it will continue in this way.

We know very well in this newspaper “Rai Al-Youm” that Algeria was the next target after Syria, and preparations for its invasion and destruction began in the Arab League and in more than one Gulf capital, and even in America, London and Paris as well, which stood behind the conspiracy against Libya and Syria, and before them Iraq, and directing NATO planes to bombard The latter under the pretext of “protection”revolutionaries.

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Algeria, which has a population of nearly 45 million strong citizens, and a strong army, will defeat any American conspiracy targeting it, just as the Syrian army did. Whoever was able to defeat the sedition of the black decade can defeat any other conspiracy, regardless of its size, and the strength of those standing behind it, or those involved in it, Arabs or foreigners.

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