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Tuesday March 17, 2020

Wego’s public holidays calendar for Kuwait 2018

Many dreams and more plans for the future, including what relates to buying a new apartment or starting a business or perhaps marriage and starting a family! This is what is currently going on in the minds and hearts, with the end of the year approaching and preparing for a new year that will be filled with happiness, brilliance and change. But the people of Kuwait always add to their list of plans an activity that has become the nectar of life for them: travel!

And, dear ones, who are loyal travel enthusiasts, cling to the wings of the plane flying in the sky, here are the official holidays calendars of 2018 that will help you travel more and at less cost!

All you have to do is choose a public holiday and add a weekend to get a short vacation!

A job, school, university, or any of the responsibilities will not be an impediment to making the most beautiful trips today! With Wego, Eid becomes two holidays and two vacations!

Plan your flights now with Wego:

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