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Tuesday December 17, 2019

Websites And Apps That College Students Must Use In 2020

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The university curriculum has become more complex today, it is no longer possible to prepare integrated academic research within a few hours of browsing the Internet and using search engines. On the other hand, luckily there are dozens of websites and smartphone apps designed to improve students’ skills in time management, planning, blogging, brainstorming, and many other aspects of student life. In this article, you will find the first set of the best apps and sites that you should use as a college student.


Of all the responsibilities a university student must do, managing and preparing a budget is the most stressful thing for him. StudentRate helps the student in finding a large number of offers, discounts and good deals such as textbooks and scientific journals, travel offers, technology, and others.


This site provides the student with access to a large number of tests and scientific cards, which helps the student to better prepare for the exams, and also provides the student with a search for suitable job and training opportunities.

Alarmy (Sleep if u can)

Delaying or missing important lectures is not possible at all, especially for international students, so the annoying Alarmy app will definitely force you to get out of bed. Take a picture of an angle in your house, and in the morning the phone will not stop ringing unless you photograph the same place, unless you throw the phone out of the window! Alarmy (Sleep if u can) app is available on Apple and Android platforms.


Many times it happens that we forget to turn off our mobile phones during the lectures, which may cause us some embarrassment. The studious application helps to solve this problem, and it will automatically switch your smartphone to silent mode as long as the lecture begins. Of course, the application is available through the App Store and Google Play stores.

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