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Thursday July 22, 2021

Webcam for noise-free video recording

Elgato company launched the new webcam Facecam, and the German company explained that the new webcam comes with a Sony Starvis sensor to meet the requirements of fans of live broadcasts on the Internet, and it is characterized by video recording with the least amount of noise even under poor lighting conditions.
El Gato confirmed that the new camera combines the simplicity of regular web cameras and the quality of variable-lens cameras, and is based on a Sony Starvis sensor with a wide-angle 24 mm f/2.4 lens, and you can record 1080p videos at 60 frames per second.

The webcam sensor is designed to provide low-noise images under various conditions, and the fixed-focus lens prevents the webcam from refocusing in the middle of a live broadcast.

The Camera Hub application allows the user to update the camera’s firmware and adjust some settings, including white balance, digital zoom, and contrast, and since these settings are stored directly on the webcam, they remain stored even if the webcam is connected to another computer. Computers with Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and Mac computers.

The new camera has a relatively large heat sink, which cools the camera enough when it’s running around the clock, but it doesn’t have a microphone.

And the company Elgato announced the launch of the new webcam soon, at a cost of about 200 euros.

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