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Acne is one of the problems that most people suffer from at various stages of their lives, but the largest number of those who suffer from this problem are adolescents, due to physiological changes, and the imbalance of hormones for both girls and young men that work to form in different areas of the body Acne causes anxiety, psychological tension, and discomfort from its appearance, but it increases the mistrust of people who suffer from it, which is a clear indication of the age of puberty, which increases tension, especially in girls, and the changes that will appear on them.

The percentage of acne breakouts varies from one person to another, and from the nature of one’s skin to the other. Here we will learn about how to take care of the skin to avoid acne, and how to treat and get rid of it without leaving any trace behind.

Dry skin care methods

  • Dry skin may suffer from the appearance of some white spots, and some crusts in the area of ​​​​the forehead and cheeks.
  • Dry skin needs high hydration and contains vitamin C, and a high percentage of fats to compensate for the deficiency in the skin.
  • Dilution of lotions and cleansers that remove a layer of the skin.
  • Clean it with soap and water and dry it well.
  • Use sunscreen, and avoid exposure to the sun at noon.

Oily skin care method

  • Oily skin is one of the skin types that suffers the most from the emergence of many problems, such as tares, acne, grains with black heads, glossiness in the skin, lack of clarity of the skin, with the inability to apply various cosmetics.
  • Oily skin needs a lot of care, and needs strong lotions that exfoliate and open pores; To get rid of the oily layer under the skin, as all skin problems are in the second and third layers of the skin and are rarely external.
  • Clean the skin more than once daily, and dry it well.
  • Avoid moisturizers that have a lot of greasy substances, and the skin itself can be relied upon to moisturize after any wash.
  • Put on sunscreen when you go out.
  • Avoid applying makeup and any kind of foundation before treating the skin completely, in order to avoid any infection.

Normal skin care methods

  • You do not need extreme care, but a simple moisturizer with a light wash can be satisfied to maintain the balance of the skin while drinking sufficient quantities of fluids daily.
  • Washing the skin daily with special soap and water, drying it in a circular and calm manner.

Combination skin care methods

  • Use moisturizers that contain a balanced proportion of the compounds according to the needs of the skin.
  • Washing the skin daily, using a lotion of milk and avoiding tonic.
  • Drink sufficient amounts of water daily.
  • Use sunscreen when leaving the house.

Ways to treat acne

  • Clean the skin daily with soap and water and dry it well, while avoiding the application of cosmetics.
  • Using deep-cleansing skin washes to get rid of roots and pimples.
  • Prepare a mixture of ground black seed, add a little lemon and a spoon of honey, and knead the mixture until the texture becomes thick, and put the mixture on the skin, and leave for twenty minutes, and the skin is cleaned with cold water and dried in a calm manner,
  • There are some topical treatments that are placed on pills and are available in pharmacies and treat effectively, but it is preferable that they do not contain any cortisone derivatives.
  • Use a mixture of oats, lemon, and milk to get rid of acne while nourishing the skin and maintaining its freshness.

acne treatment methods

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