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Tuesday August 11, 2020

Ways to maintain your mental health during your first pregnancy in light of epidemic

The first pregnancy in itself is an exceptional circumstance that carries a mixture of positive and negative emotions. Negative feelings may in many cases overwhelm and negatively affect pregnant woman and her fetus. In light of spread of Corona virus, feelings of anxiety and tension may increase in a woman during her pregnancy.
In order for a woman to enjoy good mental and mental health during her first pregnancy, The Times of India includes following advice:

Follow instructions for Coronavirus
The guidelines for expectant mors are same as for general public regarding Coronavirus. This means making sure you don’t go out unless absolutely necessary, wear face masks while going out, wash or sterilize your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face.

Take care to communicate with friends

In light of social distancing, it is natural to feel frustrated by not having direct contact with your relatives or friends, but visual communication has become best solution for this situation, as you can communicate with everyone and see m without having to meet m directly. This type of communication may not be sufficient but it works under present circumstances.

Adjust to new conditions
Avoid thinking too much about circumstances of epidemic, and try to adapt to new situation, in addition to focusing on your health and health of fetus, and limit yourself to thinking about welcoming your first child, who will make many changes in your life.

Join antenatal classes online

Make sure you keep attending online antenatal classes. You can watch howto videos on YouTube, or listen to helpful podcasts about pregnancy, as well as read books on morhood and relaxation.

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Reducing exposure to information about Coronavirus
Although getting acquainted with latest developments in Coronavirus, number of infections, treatments and potential vaccinations is necessary, overexposure to this information may keep you in a state of tension and anxiety, which may negatively affect your mental and mental health and increase likelihood of se effects reaching your fetus. .

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