A person can do many small projects with a rather small capital, where these small projects can be done in a simple way at the beginning and with simple profits, then start to increase the percentage of profits and gradually expand this project, and the success of any project, regardless of its size, depends on the ability of the person in charge of it through Managing the project, controlling it, and adapting it in a good way so that it can continue and succeed, and achieve the desired goals of it, which is that the percentage of profits is sufficient to recover the capital, in addition to additional profits that will be a continuous source of income for the business owner and those who help him.

Ideas for projects with small capital

Small bakery project for pastries

  • Before starting the project, a small and simple economic feasibility study must be done for the market and the area in which the project is to be opened, to find out the extent of the region’s demand for this project, and the success and failure rates in it.
  • Searching for a shop for rent so that the person can open the project in it, and it is preferable to choose a shop with a fairly suitable rent.
  • Preparing the place in terms of distinguished paint, tables, seats, ovens, kneaders, dishes, glasses, and a refrigerator to put cold drinks in, then distribute them in the place in a distinctive and striking way.
  • Buy all the ingredients used in preparing the pastries, and put them in their own refrigerator.
  • Advertising for the store through publications, television or social media, in the manner deemed appropriate by the project owner.
  • Preparing the list of pastries that can be prepared, preferably placing prices on it, then preparing the pastries based on the different requests of customers.

Other ideas for projects with small capital

  • Establishment of a small shop for renting bicycles at good prices that suit everyone.
  • rental of wedding suits and evening dresses; Where it can start with one or more suits, depending on the financial ability of the person.
  • Opening a small grocery, especially in rural areas, near schools and kindergartens.
  • Establishing a small nursery for children, but in this case a license must be obtained to open it, and the appropriate conditions must be met in order for it to be a healthy environment for children.
  • Opening a small library for stationery and study tools, especially near schools, universities and kindergartens.
  • Selling some tools and handicrafts; Such as: crochet shawls, beaded bedspreads, embroideries, and textiles for children in particular.
  • Purchasing a printing and photocopying machine, and opening a small shop near schools and universities, where it is possible to copy books and study materials, and print some necessary papers and research from the Internet.

Ways to invest a small amount of money

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