IQ varies from one individual to another, and it depends mainly on the genetic factor that determines the rate of intelligence with which the child is born, but this percentage may change towards increase or decrease according to the internal and external influential factors that surround him, and the individual can control these factors and harness them to increase his intelligence by following a number of methods to help achieve this.

Ways to increase intelligence

Eat foods that increase intelligence

Nutritionists have identified a number of foods that can be relied upon to increase IQ. Peanut butter heads this list, because it contains large amounts of healthy fats that help raise the level of an individual’s cognitive skills and stimulate mental development, followed by creamy milk, because of its content of Cholesterol is useful for the body, which plays an important role in the formation and activation of nerve and brain cells, especially in young children, in addition to the importance of eggs in raising the level of memory and absorption of the proteins and important elements they contain such as choline, and other red and white meat and fish rich in fatty acids such as omega-3, minerals and vitamins. Including vitamin B12.

Constantly undergoing mental exercises

As the muscles of the body need continuous training and exercise to increase their strength and size, the brain needs to undergo various mental and mental exercises to increase its ability to do its work and raise its intelligence rate. Stimulating the work of the brain, with the increase in the intensity and difficulty of these exercises and games each time until you can master the difficult degrees of them and solve them with ease.

Nutritional supplements

Keratin is known to contain a large amount of energy that directly affects the brain and helps activate it and raise its level of intelligence within a short period of time. On the quantities that the body needs of keratin by taking it in the form of nutritional supplements.

Get away from the routine

Submission to the daily routine without any change causes a clear reduction in the IQ of the individual, as the individual performs all his daily tasks automatically without the need to use his brain or his intelligence due to its repetition on a daily basis and the accustoming of both the brain and the body to it, and to avoid this happening it is recommended to kill the routine Every day by doing everything new, whether by learning a new hobby, reading a new book or meeting new friends.

Ways to increase intelligence

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