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The blessings of God that He bestowed on man are numerous, and they are described in their entirety as beauty and goodness. God Almighty is beautiful, and among His blessings on man is His voice, and the voice is defined as the vibration of vocal strings, and the sounds differ among themselves, some of which are soft, coarse, melodious, beautiful, distinctive and ordinary, as humans use. The voice in different areas of his life such as talking, singing, laughing, screaming, crying and others.

The body’s organs such as the larynx, vocal cords, lungs, tongue and lips join forces to play this role and to produce and produce the voice. However, some people do not like their voice and always want to improve it, so they resort to many methods and behaviors that help them to soften it and improve its tone and tone, including surgeries and other traditional methods. Simple, and in this article we will talk about ways to improve the sound with explanation and clarification.

ways to improve sound

Since surgical operations are sometimes very dangerous, as people fear them and their results are not guaranteed, people resort to using and following easy tips, guaranteed results and less risky and risky, so that the beauty of the human voice can be increased by following the following:

  • Avoid talking loudly or yelling when talking to someone, and speak in a quiet, low voice and in a light tone.
  • Not talking for long hours, as this can strain the vocal cords and tendons.
  • Drink a lot of warm fluids, as they relax the tendons, throat and throat.
  • Reducing or even avoiding smoking, as it makes the sound coarse in the long run.
  • Eat honey on a daily basis, as honey has proven its efficiency and effectiveness in softening the voice and relaxing the vocal cords.
  • Drink mint or boiled anise.
  • Stay away from drinking cold and iced water, and replace it with warm and moderate temperature water.
  • Doing exercises that activate the body, purify the lungs, and improve the performance of the vocal cords.
  • Reducing the intake of dairy and its derivatives, because they form phlegm in the chest and make the voice bad.
  • Spending long times and hours in nature, which includes fresh air, greenery and beauty.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and taking drugs.
  • Doing well-known breathing exercises that improve the performance of the respiratory system and the quality and tone of the voice.
  • Reducing spicy substances and additives on food; such as pepper and chili, and spices and seasonings.
  • Using candy sold in pharmacies, which will lighten the breathing passages, and treat throat infections that affect the beauty of the voice, and have a strong taste and pungent smell.
  • Treating coughs and colds as soon as they occur and not neglecting the issue, which multiplies and exacerbates problems.

ways to improve sound

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