Ways to facilitate natural childbirth

Do you think that your due date is approaching or perhaps gone, do you suffer from persuading your child to go down to the outside world, we offer you, Madam, ten ways to help you speed up and facilitate the process of childbirth naturally, but we advise you first to consult your doctor supervising your condition to give you the green light.


Walking helps push the baby to the bottom of the pelvis, with the help of the force of gravity and the swaying of the hips, and the pressure on the pelvis helps the cervix to start labor. Walking, conserve energy for the day of delivery, pushing requires a lot of effort.

marital intercourse

Most pregnant women suffer from the inability to perform marital intercourse, especially in the fortieth week of pregnancy. Or the organism that occurs to women releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps in the occurrence of contractions, and the process of massaging the nipples has an effect on the uterus and the occurrence of contractions, even if marital intercourse does not help you in childbirth, it necessarily helps you to get rid of prenatal tension.

Evening primrose oil and red raspberry leaf

Pregnant women are advised to use primrose oil, because it thins the cervix and helps prepare it for childbirth. It can be taken in the form of capsules or by rubbing the cervix with oil during the last period of pregnancy, and you can also put it in the vagina after consulting a doctor because women who have placenta previa must They stay away from this herb, and red raspberry leaf is used as a tea, and it contains many minerals and vitamins that strengthen the pelvic area and the cervix to indirectly help facilitate the birth process.

a spoonful of castor oil

This tradition has been passed down through generations, and the common belief is that a spoonful of castor oil speeds up childbirth, because it is a laxative that helps spasm the intestines and irritates the uterus to facilitate natural childbirth, but it may cause diarrhea, so ask your doctor before taking it.

hot spices

Spicy foods are said to facilitate labour. Spicy foods such as castor oil irritate the intestines, but more gently and speed up labor naturally, but there is no evidence for this belief, but perhaps this will cause you heartburn instead of stimulating the uterus.


It is the placement of some fine needles in certain pressure places in the body, as it helps to stimulate the uterus and fetus to start labor naturally, but if the fetus is not prepared to descend into the pelvis, this method will not be able to assist in the natural birth.


This method is similar to acupuncture by pressing on certain places in the body that stimulates the activity of the uterus. You can use this method yourself or with the help of your husband. There are two areas of pressure that stimulate natural childbirth: between the index finger and thumb, inside the leg, above the ankle bone by about four fingers.


It helps to relax, raises the amount of oxytocin in the mother’s body and increases uterine contractions. It is not surprising that most births take place at night, because the mother has relaxed in her bed, which stimulates the hormone oxytocin, in addition to meditation that helps to labor and speed up natural childbirth.

Eat pineapple, papaya, mango and dates

  • Eating pineapple, papaya and mango: These fruits stimulate the body to secrete enzymes that thin the cervix and reduce the duration of labor to facilitate childbirth.
  • Eating dates: It was mentioned in the Holy Qur’an that it has great benefits for childbirth, a little of it per day helps to thin the cervix and keeps many mothers away from the need for artificial labor.

Ways to facilitate natural childbirth