Marital happiness

Achieving marital happiness is not difficult, but it requires some things related to the life of the spouses to achieve this, and despite this, we find many spouses complaining about the exacerbation of problems and quarrels, and the inability to understand the partner, so in this article we will mention some ways that achieve happiness between spouses.

Ways to achieve marital happiness

reasonableness of distance

Some couples get bored of each other, because most of the time they are in the same place, which is the house, and this reduces the longing of one of them for the other, and the constant friction between them causes many problems that kill over time the love and warmth in the house, so it is better for the spouses to separate During the day for some time, both of them can practice the activities they love. It is okay if the wife leaves her husband to work in his office room, while she does sports in the outside garden, or one of the separate rooms of the house. We also do not mean by distance only the spatial distance, but the distance of friction in conversation; There is no need for many questions between the spouses, as this is a stressful matter, and each party alienates the other.


It is wrong for the marital relationship to be subject to the demands and desires of the husband only, or the desire of the wife only, and accordingly one of the parties feels oppression and injustice, and if he represses his feelings of this for a period of time, he will get out of his way with the first discussion between them, so it is advised to adopt an understanding on any issue whether normal or controversial The spouses should respect each other, so the man does not threaten the woman with divorce, beating, and house arrest, and in return the wife does not take advantage of her husband’s poverty, for example, to degrade his value, directing him with offensive and immoral words.

get rid of monotony

The daily routine and the monotony of the activities that the spouses do at home, actually leads to boredom, and to eliminate it or alleviate it from time to time, some simple changes can be introduced, such as changing the way the wife talks with the husband, turning from a woman who talks a lot, to a quiet wife who believes in the necessity of Sometimes silence, or she considered seriousness a necessary way to gain the husband’s approval, and abandoned this false conviction, to exchange her husband with many jokes and anecdotes, in addition to introducing some new activities to the week’s program, such as going out for evening walks, or sending a bouquet of roses to the wife at work And vice versa, and there are many other things that can be done to get rid of the routine of married life.

bear each other’s character

Each of them must bear the character of the other, and try to treat and get rid of it, if the husband does not like to talk to anyone when he feels angry or sad, as many men, the wife is not asked to stay in front of him, and insist on knowing the cause of his bad condition, and in return, no A man must understand some of the qualities that he may see as normal or simple in a woman who loves to listen to flirtation and sweet talk. Some wives also abhor the husband’s interference in the way they express feelings, or even participate in opinion during family sessions.

Ways to achieve happiness between husband and wife

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