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Water is useful in giving hair luster and softness, especially ocean water, which is full of nutrients that clean and repair hair, and prevent tangles and its various problems.[1]


Treating hair problems

Water has the ability to treat many problems that affect the scalp and hair, such as: treating dandruff, and various skin infections in the scalp.[1]

Moisturizing hair

Water provides the hair with the necessary moisture to ensure its healthy growth; As the dryness of the hair directly affects its growth, and makes it fragile, and the lack of water may lead to the cessation of hair growth; The roots are unable to do their job of transporting nutrients from the body to the hair.[1]

Activation of nerve endings

Water stimulates the activity of the nerve endings in the scalp and hair roots, which stimulates their vital and natural activities well.[1]

cold water for hair

The use of cold water when taking a shower helps to give the hair attractiveness and beauty; By cleaning the scalp of dirt, cold water tightens the skin, and closes the pores.[2]

hot water for hair

Bathing in hot water is good for hair. Because it stimulates hair growth and helps to prolong it, by renewing the nerve endings of the hair, as the hot water opens the pores of the skin in the scalp, which facilitates cleaning the hair of oils, and dirt stuck in it; It stimulates the regeneration of hair cells.[3]

The daily amount of water

Despite the inability to determine the appropriate amount of water needed on a daily basis, it is recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day, taking into account the various physical activities, and increase the amount of drinking water when engaging in one of these activities, and taking into account the weather is important, and the state of pregnancy, It is recommended to eat large quantities of vegetables and fruits that contain a large proportion of water.[4]

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