Water only diet “Water fasting”, we can describe it as a diet based on restricting everything except water, which guarantees you a quick weight loss and amazing health benefits, but the water diet only for a week, how much does it reduce? And how can you apply it? This is what we will answer you in the following lines.

What is a water diet?

Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?
Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?

The water diet is part of the diets recently followed by many people who suffer from excessive weight gain, the water diet depends on eating large amounts of water on a daily basis, without eating any nutritional foods even weak calories, so some may see it A strict diet, and also allows the possibility of eating some types of fruits after a period of time, when you feel really weight loss.

water diet schedule only

The water diet schedule is based on drinking a cup of cold water on an empty stomach when waking up directly, and after one hour another glass of water is taken, with this matter repeated every 60 minutes at least, to fill the appetite and suggest the stomach is full, but if the doctor allows By eating any of the diets while following the water diet, it is necessary to have a glass of water at least 30 minutes before the meal, with another cup 30 or 60 minutes before bedtime, as desired, in order to increase the rate of fat burning.

Water diet only 40 days

In this diet, a person relies on drinking water only for a period of no less than 40 days. This will certainly help in a significant weight loss, and following it gives the body countless health benefits, most notably the prevention of the risk of many common cancers, As well as chronic diabetes, but it lowers the normal levels of sugar in the blood, which exposes its owner to many complications.

Also, relying on water only for this long period of time may lead to an irregular blood pressure level, which requires referring to the treating physician or nutritionists at the beginning.

Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?

Following the water diet only without eating any food or even some fruits and vegetables, helps reduce weight more than 10 kilograms in just 7 days, as this diet achieves an excellent result in losing excess weight, but sometimes it causes many complications that may reach to medical intervention.

This is due to the severe deficiency in the beneficial elements that the body needs from sugars, fats, starches, and many other elements necessary for the health of the body, but in specific and simple quantities.

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Water diet for two days

Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?
Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?

For two whole days, the food that follows this diet will be water only, without eating anything else, even fruits and vegetables, because water plays an active role in increasing the feeling of satiety and fullness, so the dieter does not need to eat any of the other nutritional foods, as the water diet loses more than 3 kilograms in just two days, when it is followed and applied in the right way.

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My experience with the water diet

Some of those who suffer from overweight resorted to trying the water diet, in the hope of losing and losing excess weight as soon as possible, and reaching an ideal weight, as some of them explained the results of their experiences with the water diet, and the results were as follows:

One of the obese men said that his doctor advised him to follow a water diet, and after only one week he lost more than 10 kilograms, after which the doctor allowed him to eat 3 apples a day but at long intervals.

Another woman, who was suffering from a noticeable increase in weight, confirmed that her doctor advised her to eat a water diet that depends only on drinking water, but after only 3 days of following the diet, she felt dizzy, as the doctor told her that she suffers from a lack of natural sugars in the body more than limit.

Water diet only precautions

Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?
Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?

The water diet is not suitable for everyone. There are some caveats that must be known before following the water diet only, and these warnings become clear in these people refraining from following it completely:

  • Diabetics.
  • Gout patients.
  • Kidney patients.
  • Blood pressure disorder patients.
  • Heart patients.

The benefits of dieting only water

Water diet is one of the distinct diets and diets that help in achieving many benefits, including:

  • Water diet helps fill the stomach, and gives signals to the brain of satiety and not wanting to eat any type of food, which helps control the amount of calories that enter the body on a daily basis.
  • It works to burn fats located in different parts of the body, and then reach the ideal weight and the desired result as soon as possible.
  • Eliminates toxins that accumulate in the body and are difficult to get rid of when dehydrated. With large amounts of water, the body expels these toxins by sweating or by urinating.
  • Treatment of serious digestive disorders, resulting from excessive intake of fats, especially harmful fats.
  • Reducing the percentage of calories that enter the body on a daily basis, especially since the follower of this diet is completely far from consuming soft drinks, or sugars and harmful fats in which the percentage of calories in the body increases.
  • Water diet also helps improve cardiovascular health, and thus increase physical activity by strengthening all the muscles and joints of the body.
  • Dehydration increases feelings of anxiety and tension, while water plays a vital role in improving the psychological state and mood, by eliminating feelings of tension and anxiety permanently.
  • Water diet only helps in regulating the body temperature through the sufficient amount of sweat that the body excretes on a daily basis.

Disadvantages of water diet only

Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?
Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?

Yes, water diet only has several damages, and it may reach some serious health complications. Despite the advantages of water diet, it may lead to many of the following symptoms:

  • The body loses large amounts of important minerals and vitamins that it needs on an ongoing basis.
  • A noticeable decrease in muscle mass, which is the result of a lack of the natural amount of protein in the body.
  • Chronic constipation, as a result of the body not getting enough dietary fiber.
  • Frequent fainting caused by a lack of the normal amount of sugars in the body.
  • Constant feeling of general tiredness and fatigue.
  • Chronic headache.
  • Increased risk of anemia, as a result of the continuous lack of iron that the body needs.
  • Stress and mental anxiety.
  • The inability to do the simplest tasks, due to the low percentage of calories in the body.
  • The body loses the required softness and freshness.
  • Hair loss with excessively broken nails.

Questions and answers about the water-only diet

Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?
Water diet only for a week how much does it come down?

Usually some of those who want to lose weight search for answers to some questions related to the water diet only before adopting and applying it, and among the most important questions we found:

Is water diet thinning?

Definitely yes, as following the water diet in the right way helps to slim the body. With its adoption for a certain period, it may lead to a loss of more than 10 kilograms in just 7 days, which is a very satisfactory and fast result.

What happens if you only drink water for a week?

Drinking water only for a week helps in losing weight significantly, in addition to preserving the body from the risk of many chronic and dangerous diseases, however, we do not advise you to follow this nutritional plan except under the supervision of a specialized medical doctor, for the possibility of the emergence of some health complications resulting from a lack of vitamins and minerals. body required.

Fluid diet only how much does it come down?

It is known how effective only fluid intake is in reducing weight, as some scientific studies have proven that only a fluid diet reduces body weight by 7 kilograms per week, and this also depends on eating low-calorie fluids, including vegetable and fruit fluids, to give the body minerals necessary, and to ensure effective weight loss.

In conclusion, we have answered the question of some of those who want to lose weight, the water diet only for a week, how much does it go down? It reduces weight by about 10 kilograms per week, but if you intend to follow it, you should consult a nutritionist first to avoid its possible complications.

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