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Thursday October 1, 2020

Watch .. Yemeni tribes return to the homeland to confront the aggression

Rizk explained during his participation in the program “With Al-Hadath” on Al-Alam TV, that the Emirati role in Marib is weaker than Saudi Arabia, adding that one of the reasons for the weakness of the forces of aggression in Marib is that the front of aggression is not a united front, excluding their union due to the presence of different and competing parties with each other.

Rizk added that there is a conflict between the forces loyal to the UAE and Saudi Arabia in Marib, not to mention the presence of some tribes that move in exchange for money, as these conflicts led to the return of most of the people of Marib to the homeland, adding that the people of Ma’rib realized that they are facing a militia who came to occupy their governorate and impose a ruling from Parties are not from Marib.

Rizk stressed that the people of Marib have become marginalized, and that in many cases they are being pursued and imprisoned on false charges.

On the other hand, the Yemeni military expert, Colonel Abdul-Ghani Al-Zubaidi, confirmed that the military operations of the Yemeni forces, which led to the fall of the camps of the forces of aggression and their mercenaries in the governorate of Ma’rib, had lost many of the military papers that the aggression coalition was relying on.

Colonel Al-Zubaidi added that the Marib tribes joined the army and the popular committees after they revealed the malice that Saudi Arabia was seeking through a battle in Marib, which leads to the destruction of the city, in implementation of agendas not related to the people of Marib.

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Colonel Al-Zubaidi added that the good treatment of the Yemeni army and the popular committees upon their arrival to areas in the Marib Governorate, where this good treatment revealed the falsity of the media campaign against the army and the Yemeni People’s Committees.

Al-Zubaidi confirmed that most of the largest Yemeni tribes in the governorate of Ma’rib joined the ranks of the joint Yemeni forces and are today moving towards the liberation of the city of Ma’rib, adding that this issue has greatly affected the morale of what remains with the coalition of aggression because they know their goals, which are not in the interest of Yemen, and they discovered the falsehood of the allegations. Aggression regarding Sana’a forces.

You can follow the full episode via the following link:

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