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Monday October 26, 2020

Watch .. What is behind the early voting for the US presidential elections?

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What is striking this week is the record turnout of voters to cast their ballots, in what is known as early voting.

The Center for the American Elections Project, affiliated to the University of Florida, revealed that more than 61 million Americans have voted so far, more than 20 million, of whom personally attended the polling stations, while 40 million of them voted via e-mail.

Michael MacDonald, an official at the center, expected that the final voting rate in the elections would be about 65 percent, adding that about 150 million voters would cast their ballots out of more than 240 million eligible voters.

Early voting this year, set a record for the 2016 elections, while estimates suggest that the number of people who will vote before the original date of the elections will reach 85 million.

This fact may not give clear indications of the identity of the winner in the elections, although the Democrats are ahead in early voting, but it indicates changes in the mood of the American voter, especially in Texas, which is known to be the least voting state, but is witnessing a record turnout this year, with What is the significance of this, given that the state has 38 electoral votes.

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump began focusing on the issue of voting via e-mail, reiterating his warning against fraud in the counting of votes, which were voted electronically.

Trump said that he would lose the elections in one case, which is the manipulation of the vote result, which indicates signs of a constitutional crisis, in the event Biden’s victory is announced, although experts assert that the margin of fraud in the vote, as a whole, does not exceed 0.05%.

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Details in the attached video …

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