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Monday September 28, 2020

Watch: What does Trump do with Iran when he suffers from a miserable situation?

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Abdullah said in an interview with Al-Alam TV during the “Pencil” program that Trump is suffering from a very bad and miserable situation, especially after he pledged not to hand over power peacefully if he failed in the presidential elections. He pointed out that the US and Israeli press statements about the threats directed against Iran are not new.

Abdullah added, “The American and Israeli threats are 42 years old since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, during which the enemies tried to pressure Iran by various means to obtain a concession from it, but it persisted.”

Abdullah explained that Iran has always been steadfast in its basic stances, and the retreat always comes from the US side, noting that the recent US threats against Iran come as a result of the US administration’s loss of its war against Iran.

For his part, writer and political researcher Dr. Tariq Abboud affirmed that Iran is an essential part and a major country in the region, and considered that when the American Independent newspaper fabricates allegations that Iran has to undermine the security of the region and that it must evaluate its destabilizing behavior, that it has no scientific evidence.

Abboud said: Whoever provokes problems illegally in the Middle East and West Asia is the United States of America that carries out assassinations and occupies Iraq under pretexts and twisted methods, and killed one million Iraqis unjustly and aggressively and destroyed the structure of the Iraqi state, and indicated that in return what did Iran do to claim American newspaper that it destabilizes the security of the region? He described it as fabrications led by American newspapers, intended to push the accusation against America and stick it to its opponents who are blocking its colonial projects in the region.

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