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Sunday November 22, 2020

Watch .. What are the stages of progress of the Iranian vaccine for Corona?

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Jalili drew during his participation in the program From Tehran On the Al-Alam news channel screen, to the specifications of those who test the Iranian vaccine, saying: “Laws have been enacted and enacted for this matter in all parts of the world. We call them laws or regulations. We searched for the scientific organizations and institutions that set the protocols in the world and then we took these protocols and conditions. The necessity that must be met by the individuals working in each stage, and as I mentioned to you there are three stages, so we elect individuals for each of the stages in accordance with international laws and protocols.

Jalili continued: “For example, there may be in the first stage individuals between eighteen and fifty years old who are only elected to study, individuals who do not suffer from any chronic disease, and have not yet contracted Corona virus, and this is why we choose individuals according to international studies. According to the conditions that apply to them, and after conducting complementary and accurate scientific tests, we begin to assess the circumstances and then study and examine them.

On the issue of producing the Corona vaccine, the cooperation of Iranian companies with the World Health Organization, and the possibility of endorsing this vaccine by the World Health Organization, Jalili said: “We have sought, in all necessary stages, to observe international protocols from a scientific point of view during the development of our vaccines process. When we reached a part of success and success. In the pre-clinical phase and studies conducted on different animals, we decided not to inform the World Health Organization of our successes and the results we obtained. Therefore, all five of our successful clinical studies programs were reported to the World Health Organization, even if you take a look at the WHO website. You will see the Iranian vaccines that are in the pre-clinical stage, and they are specifically under the names of Barakah Pharmaceuticals companies.

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