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Wednesday September 30, 2020

Watch .. What are the challenges of the new Emir of Kuwait?

The World – Kuwait

A page of Kuwait’s history was turned up, stamped with the political imprint of the late Emir Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, who played an effective role in it for nearly five decades.
The deceased, who was described as the dean of diplomacy, was distinguished by his independent policy and his conciliatory role between the parties to the conflict and disagreement in the region until he was called the sheikh of the region in which the knots were dissolved and the crises were broken up in his hands, so he dealt with a complex and failed in some of the list to fortify Kuwait and its reputation, and also followed He distinguished his reign, which was the firm and supportive stance on the Palestinian cause and rejected normalization.

Today, with his departure, Kuwait opens a new page, with Prince Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, who began his reign after taking the constitutional oath, with an emphasis on continuing with the approach of his late brother.

The era of Prince Nawwaf coincides with various American pressures on the countries of the region to implement normalization with the Israeli occupation entity that usurped Palestine, and the US is participating in it, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain, which are pressuring Arab countries, including Kuwait, to normalize and hand the wheel of decision in the region to the Israelis.

The reign of Prince Nawwaf, who exceeded eighty three years, also coincides with catastrophic economic crises ravaging the world and the region behind it the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, but the emergence of the new emir alongside the so-called old Kuwaiti guard who led Kuwait’s policy since Prince Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, then his brother Sabah, is tantamount to A message that Kuwait will not change its policies, according to insiders.

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As for the other obstacle facing Prince Nawwaf, it is the crisis of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the boycott by some of its members of the State of Qatar three years ago, and Kuwait stood at the same distance from everyone.

Internally, Kuwait suffers a financial crisis due to the Corona epidemic, a collapse in oil prices and tensions in the region, and it is seen that the new emir takes bold decisions to support the economy and overcome the ordeal of Corona and overcome the ongoing political ordeal represented by the frequent government resignations and its confrontations with the Parliament.

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