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Friday November 27, 2020

Watch … the secrets of the increase in suicide within the occupation entity

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In an interview with Al-Alam TV within a program, Nabih Awada emphasized that every day that passes inside the Israeli entity, there is a person who commits suicide for a specific reason, but most of the reasons are related to very stressful social, living and economic conditions, and this matter is largely the result of government measures, which Taken by the occupation government, with a second closure due to the Corona pandemic.

Nabih Awada pointed out that: “Estimates inside the Israeli entity indicate that this closure was unnecessary, because it arranged more losses on the Israeli economy, in addition to the damage to the independent interests category completely, as it is not so long ago, the oldest One of the shopkeepers in occupied Jerusalem committed suicide, and these cases are constantly repeated, because government support has not been significantly noticed to help this segment, as most of it went to the owners of large interests, at the expense of small independent interests.

Nabih Awada added that the suicide situation inside the entity increased, especially with the increase in the unemployment rate at work, a significant increase, especially in the second closure, which was able to withstand more than the first closure, as it could not withstand the second closure, which led to an increase in the unemployment rate. Work increased significantly, especially for the second closure, forcing it to stop permanently from work, and to resort to other means, including theft and the rush to suicide.

For more details in the attached video.

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