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Sunday October 18, 2020

Watch .. the Manama regime takes a dangerous step in the direction of normalization!

The World – Bahrain

As a continuation of the series of normalization with the Israeli occupation entity, the last of which was the normalization of the UAE and Bahrain with this occupier, and the inclusion of agreements signed between the two parties, an Israeli delegation arrived in the Bahraini capital, Manama, accompanied by the US Secretary of the Treasury, Stephen Mnuchin, with the aim of translating the declaration signed in Washington in the middle of last month into practical steps and adding The official stamp on the normalization of relations, according to the statement of the Israeli National Security Adviser.

The signing decrees include a joint statement to strengthen full diplomatic relations, including the opening of embassies and the establishment of visa systems, but the most dangerous in these relations is the conclusion of an agreement for security cooperation between the Manama regime and Tel Aviv.

The Bahrain regime’s conclusion of agreements with the Israeli entity has re-ignited tension in the Persian Gulf region, especially as the entity is working to take advantage of the Manama regime in order to impose its presence in the region to achieve its goals and plot plots against the countries and peoples of the region.

In the reactions, the Islamic National Accord Society in Bahrain described the Manama regime’s agreements with the Israeli occupation as treachery, stressing that the Bahraini people will definitely drop these agreements. It indicated that the agreements between the regime and the occupation aim to tighten control of power in Bahrain by force and brutality and the declaration of war.

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The Bahrain Freedom Movement also considered normalization as a step to escalate the repression against the indigenous population in Bahrain, noting that it falls within the framework of the regime’s policies based on importing everything because the original Bahraini people reject their rule and seek to change it.

After the normalization agreement signed by Bahrain with the entity, several demonstrations took place in Bahrain, rejecting the Manama regime’s rush to normalization with the Israeli entity, stressing that the Manama regime does not express the opinion of the Bahraini people who reject and categorically normalize normalization with the occupation.

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